Support from Assyrians for West Kurdistan cantons

ANF – Qamishlo 01.02.2014 – The Assyrian Unity Party (AUP) and Assyrian Women’s Union (AWU) have greeted the democratic autonomous canton administrations in West Kurdistan and pledged their support.

The AUP and AWU sent messages of congratulation to the cantons of Cizîrê, Kobanê and Afrîn, greeting the declarations of autonomous administrations.

In its message the AUP said, “We consider these declarations to be historic steps and see them as part of the struggle for freedom. They have strengthened the communities in this region”. The AUP wished success in the Cizîrê, Kobanê and Afrîn cantons’ freedom march, adding: “these steps towards autonomy are very important for the unity and reconstruction of Syria. This autonomy is the only path to resolve the problems in Syria.”

In the message of the AWU were the following words: “We offer our congratulations as the Assyrian Women’s Union to the declaration of democratic autonomous cantons for the communities in the region. These are historic steps as regards the safeguarding of the equality and shared life of communities.”

The AWU message continued: “The position and participation of women in these canton administrations indicates their democratic intentions. We, as Assyrian women, support these autonomous administrations and will take our places alongside Kurdish and Arab women in the struggle for women’s freedom. We once again salute these historic steps.”