The Kurdish People’s leader made all efforts, with great responsibility and much sacrifice, to prepare protocols for a solution to the Kurdish question and present them to the AKP government. He has not only not had a positive reply from the AKP government, on the contrary he is being kept under unlawful and inhuman aggravated solitary confinement and isolation conditions.

The conditions at the Imrali Island Prison, which were already detrimental and atrocious, have been aggravated and the lawyers have been prevented from holding consultations with the Kurdish People’s Leader, Abdullah Öcalan, for over a year under the pretext that the “vessel is out of order”. On the other hand, the result of political genocide operations, like a witch-hunt, has meant nearly 10 thousand people’s arrest and imprisonment. The health of, security and conditions for free movement for the Kurdish people leader have also not been secured.

The AKP government has openly initiated a policy of aggression and violence against our people and movement. Thus we in return have began a period of raising resistance in all areas of life under the slogan “An Azadi An Azadi” . This has put the freedom of Kurdish People’s leader on our axis of life and struggle. The only way an improvement can be achieved at this point would be to change the Imrali system which has long ago exceeded tolerable limits. Not a single Kurdish patriot, politician or anyone else for that matter who see themselves as a human being can no longer accept the Imrali reality as being normal.  

Our comrades in prisons have through their own volition began an unlimited and non-rotating hunger strikes in order to shown their dignified stance against the tyranny of AKP. The history of PKK shows that all such resistance in prisons have always been realized through the free will and decision of our imprisoned comrades. Our comrades in prisons have always taken their rightful place through their own resistance in all stages of the freedom struggle. As can be seen in the resistance at Diyarbakir dungeon they have often played their leadership role to the freedom struggle. This is the dignified tradition that has revealed the line of PKK’s dungeon resistance. This is how the tradition of resistance that began with Mazlum and continued with Kemal and Ferhat was created. No one can turn this reality up-side-down as presented to be otherwise. The decision for the latest resistance that began on 12 September 2012 was also the result of their own free will. It is now up to us, the movement and our people to owe up to this dignified resistance deservedly. 

Everyone; our people, the democratic public, BDP administrators, NGOs, artists, writers, intellectuals, who represent the public conscience have been in action and have made all efforts to owe up to the dignified resistance of the prisons. Without a doubt this is a very meaningful and precious effort. Unfortunately the AKP state ignores the just and legitimate demands of those who resist in the dungeons. AKP thus insists with its mentality of opening the way for martyrs and awaiting for deaths to occur. As the movement we see the demands of our imprisoned comrades to be just, realistic and that can be met. Thus we support these demands.

The resistance of our imprisoned comrades have entered its 56th day; this is the border of death thus very critical. We call on our people to raise their legitimate and democratic reaction and to owe up to the prison resistance even more strongly at this critical time. We find the efforts made by numerous NGOs and personalities to resolve the question to be very meaningful and believe that such efforts representing the public conscious shall bear fruit. We, the movement, believe that the resistance can be ended on the basis of these reasonable demands being fulfilled without anyone falling martyr. To this end we call; that everyone channel their efforts to make sure that these reasonable demands are met, that AKP government abandons its attitude and language that do not help find a solution and not to perceive the meeting of these demands to be weakness or a back-down and to reply positively to all those who are making an effort to find a solution.  

Presidency of the KCK Executive Council

6 November 2012



October 30th 2012 was an important milestone in the Kurdistan peoples’ uprising. Following the appeal made by the Peace & Democracy Party (BDP) to bring life to a halt, the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and Turkish cities raised the resistance to a new level. In retaliation the AKP’s police force showed its fascist face once again and even joined fascist groups in attacks against Kurds in Bursa’s Yildirim neighborhood. Despite all the attacks and measures for prevention, the Kurdish people’s resistance was magnificent. The people of Kurdistan showed unity with the prison resistance of their militant cadres and politicians and support for their demands; life with a political status and their leader was the evident cry. However for this important step to succeed and prevent death as we reach the 50th day of the hunger strike, it is evident that the uprising must continue with different forms of protest and resistance.

This is because Erdogan, the current representative of Turkish colonialism in Kurdistan, has a darkness of heart that is very far from human conscience and dignity. Therefore the people of Kurdistan and their friends must continue stoking the fire of resistance during this historical period, and not be afraid of any sacrifices they might make. Our honorable patriotic people and the friends of our people should know that success at this crucial time, can only be achieved by developing the uprising even further.

The people of Kurdistan have lost some of their most important, selfless children and militants on the battle ground since the beginning of our struggle. Two more names were added to these losses in the month of October. Comrade Mehmet Guyi, the Van Province Commander of the Botan Region and YJA STAR Zagros Province Commander Comrade Rojin Gevda have joined the chain of martyrs who keep this struggle alive.

The common trait of Comrade Memet Guyi and Comrade Rojin Gevda is that they were the heroic representatives of the resistant and rebellious Botan people. Both comrades were born and brought up in Botan, lived in Van, joined the guerrilla forces during the Revolutionary Resurrection period of the struggle, showed immense selflessness and heroism in the most demanding and difficult conditions and proved themselves to be the most valuable children of Kurdistan.

Joining the struggle in 1989 Comrade Memet spent all his time, apart from a short spell with the Leadership, in the mountains of Kurdistan; he fought with utmost belief in the most difficult conditions, showed great courage, was an exemplary guerrilla and added great values to the revolution. Comrade Memet Guyi was shaped during the most difficult periods of the revolutionary struggle and became the militant of hard times, he was a successful member of the HPG Council for many years and the Commander for the Amed and Van provinces; he was martyred following a great resistance. His drive, attack power and commitment to our Leader Öcalan, especially during his time in the Beytüşşebap area, are examples of his level of struggle. His camaraderie, loyalty, belief, great courage and determination will be an example for us and for the youth of Kurdistan for all time to come.

Comrade Demhat Peyas who was martyred alongside Comrade Memet Guyi, was also a courageous, devoted and exemplary militant. Growing up in the heart of Kurdistan in Amed, he represented the APOIST spirit of the Amed youth and after leading the youth at the University of Van joined guerrilla ranks to command and fight alongside comrades like Memet. Together they staged a historical resistance and fell into the earth.

Comrade Rojin Gevda was an exemplary representative of the ascetic and selfless Kurdish woman in the Freedom Movement. Her struggle since the day she joined the movement should be an example to emulate for all the women of Kurdistan. With her courage, selflessness, endless dynamism, angel-like honesty and pure life she was an indomitable militant of Leader Öcalan’s women’s freedom paradigm. A member of the PAJK Parliament and YJA STAR Council, Comrade Rojin’s love for the struggle will always be a light for the women and youth of Kurdistan. Comrade Rojin was a leading militant of the woman’s freedom struggle and also a fearless fighter; she was a militant-heroine of Kurdistan.


We promise we will keep alive the memory of our comrades by taking our struggle to victory. The struggle and lives of Memet, Rojin and Demhat will always be a guiding light for us, and will lead us to certain victory. We call on all the youth of Kurdistan to take as examples the lives of these heroic people and join us to raise the struggle for freedom.

The people of Kurdistan, who have been face to face with physical genocide many times in history, are also facing cultural genocide due to the attacks of the colonialist Turkish state. This is why the national resistance against cultural genocide also has an important part to play in the freedom of Kurdistan. Recently the people of Kurdistan lost one of its important poets in this struggle against cultural genocide. We are sad to learn that the great labourer and militant of Kurdish Language and Literature, and an exemplary patriotic intellectual, valued poet-writer Arjen Ari has died of illness. We send our condolences to his family and friends and share in their pain.

Presidency of the KCK Executive Council  31.10.2012



We once again condemn the October 9th International Conspiracy against our leader Abdullah Öcalan, the Freedom Movement and the Kurdish people on its 14th anniversary; and commemorate all the fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives to thwart the conspiracy in the name of freedom.

As we leave behind the 14th year of the conspiracy which led to the imprisonment of our leader on Imrali, it is evident and can be said that the aims of the conspiratorial powers have been thwarted by the unparalleled resistance of our leader, people and movement. Since the beginning of the conspiracy, the Kurdish people have supported and defended their leader under the slogans, ‘You Cannot Eclipse Our Sun’ and ‘Your Life is Our Life, Your Freedom Our Freedom;’ and by forming a sacrificial fire with self-immolations, developing the resistance all around the world they have brought the conspiratorial powers and Turkish state to account.

However it is also a fact that despite being thwarted, the conspiracy has not been totally defeated. In this 14 year period the fascist Turkish state has intensified the isolation of our leader and targeted him, disregarding all legal, moral and conscientious values. The Turkish state has expected to gain from all these policies and has not accepted and approached any of our leader’s projects for democratization positively. Instead it has insisted on the elimination and annihilation of our movement and gradually developed a full-scale war. From 2009 onwards the state has begun a witch hunt and political genocide campaign under the banner of the KCK (Union of Communities in Kurdistan) case and targeted the Kurdish people, legal democratic opposition and all circles that have not joined but resisted against the AKP’s fascistic policies. This has been supplemented by full-scale military operations against guerrilla forces. Furthermore the isolation on Imrali has intensified and in reaction to the unlawful practice of big-brother type visits our leader has started a resistance by not accepting visitors.

The AKP state has begun a full-scale war of annihilation against our leader, movement, people and the future of our peoples; in return our movement has retaliated in a legitimate war of self-defense. Struggling against the ‘Revolutionary Resistance Drive’ we began in July 2012, the Turkish state is now once again making hollow promises and tactical maneuvers to divert and weaken our people’s and guerrilla’s resistance. The recent and extraordinary visit of our leader’s family to Imrali, and statements made by certain government officials regarding a return to the Imrali and Oslo Meetings are being turned into a political attack to weaken us, not bring about a solution. It must be known that without the ‘health, security and freedom of movement’ conditions of our leader being met, nothing the AKP state says will have political weight or a positive response from the Kurdish people or our movement.

To continue the International Conspiracy against our movement and prevent the Kurdish people benefiting from developments in the Middle East, the AKP, in return for support from international powers, has become a sub-contractor for them and is preparing for a regional war. The military bill accepted in parliament recently is proof that the AKP is ready for all possible outcomes regarding the Kurdish people and if necessary would engage in regional conflict. The sole aim of the AKP is to invigorate the thwarted international conspiracy and eliminate the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. Despite losing a great amount of support, the AKP is insisting on dangerous policies. We do not expect a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue from this type of mentality and neither should anyone else. Furthermore the speech made by PM Erdogan at the AKP’s annual congress has made clear his thoughts and intentions.

It is the fundamental responsibility of all Turkish and Kurdish patriots and democrats to put an end to this craziness which will deepen the war, endanger the existence of the Kurdish people, eliminate our Movement and have a catastrophic impact on Turkey. In this sense, the revolutionary attack begun by our movement is a response and way of ending the war policies of the AKP. This revolutionary surge has shown once again that the Turkish state’s policy of violence is doomed to failure; it has also led to important results. Furthermore, this attack has been significant step on the way to defeating the international conspiracy. This will only be possible with the freedom of our leader and a status for the Kurdish people; which will in itself lead to a peaceful solution.

Today, in its 15th year, the people of Kurdistan have begun an important drive to end the International Conspiracy once and for all and free their leader Abdullah Öcalan. The great labor, sacrifice and heroism of the past 14 years and the change of paradigm and growth of our movement have brought us to the final stages of this momentous struggle. This is why our people and friends must on this day condemn the October 9th Conspiracy, and make this year, the year of success.

The Kurdish people in Europe who have begun The ‘Freedom for Öcalan signature campaign,’ ‘The freedom sit-in’ and the ‘bus tours’ must be aware that their efforts are extremely important, and must work hard to achieve significant results. We also salute the indefinite hunger-strikes that have begun in prisons and continue to grow each day, and send our respects to our comrades and friends. Furthermore we call on the people of Kurdistan and democratic public opinion to be sensitive to these hunger-strikes which have entered the 27th day, and to become the voice and heart of the political prisoners on hunger-strike.

It must be known that at a time when the Middle East is being reshaped, we will not allow for the Kurdish people to become victims of denial and massacre once again. It is certain that the Kurdish people will counter and retaliate against any attacks targeting its leader, its existence and its values, and strengthen its walk to freedom regardless of any obstacles. The Kurdish people and Freedom Movement have become the fundamental force for change and democratization in the region, and it is definite that with their alternative paradigm, they will be victorious in this historical struggle. Once again we are calling on all patriots to raise the struggle on the anniversary of the International Conspiracy and condemn it in the eyes of the whole world. All Kurdish people must take part in the protests and uprisings in the most effective manner.

Presidency of the KCK Executive Council  10.10.2012