Suleymaniah Protest after Assassination of Journalist Kawa Germiyani / Dispute with corrupt PUK leaders

Some 2000 people were demonstrating today in Suleymaniah after Kawa Germiyani, a Kalar based Journalist, was shot death on December 5th in his hometown.
Germiyani was investigating into high level corruption and got threats before:

Germyani had received threats, and he was taken to court by politicians and officials over his work to uncover corruption (…) “We are appalled by Germyani’s murder and offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and colleagues,” media rights group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in a statement. “
A professional journalist who covered corruption and nepotism in Iraqi Kurdistan, Germyani knew he was in danger and had told the region’s authorities about the threats he had received,” the group said. “His murder could have been avoided if they had taken the necessary measures to protect him.”
Kawa had been involved in disputes with local Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leaders because of his investigativereporting and recently he registered a complaint with Garmyan police against one PUK official. Previously he had appeared in court for publishing the photo of an official in a report on corruption.
The assassination reminded activists in Suleymaniah of the murder of the Journalist Sardasht Otham, who was killed in 2010. Various Suleymaniah based organisations and media called for a protest in front of the Parliament building in Suleymaniah and demaded a serious investigation. Speakers blamed the Government for nor protecting Germiyani and were pointing at one official who has threatened Germiyani before.
As part of the Federation of Independent NGOs, WADI joined the call for protest.