SULAIMANYAH : First conference about Domestic Violence Law Number 8

The aim of this conference is drafting practical recommendations for the law implementation. / SULAIMANYAH : First conference about Domestic Violence Law Number 8    

Sulaimanyah, 5th December2012  – Hotel Parezh in Sarchnar – 8:50-9:15 Attending and registration

9:15  Aim of the conference –             By Falah Moradkhin , represent of Gender group 

9:30               Introduction of the White Tie campaign

                        By Khan Rahim , Asuda Organization

9:40  The Domestic Violence Police and future changes

          By Sarkawt Omer, Director of domestic violence D.

10:00            second follow up report for Law Nr. 8

                        By WOLA organization /Tara Ali Aref

10:25            Zhyan group and recommendations for combating

          Honor killings.

          By Bahar Monzir coordinator of Zhyan grop/PDA

10:50            Coffee Break

11:15            General amnesty law as an obstacle for

          Implementing law Nr.8

                        By Mehraban Ahmad , DHRD

11:35            Recommendations for fighting FGM and

            Implementing Law Nr.8 

                        by : Falah Moradkhin , WADI

12:00            creating five groups for discussions

12:30:1:30 Lunches

1:30               Group discussion for finalizing the


3:30                           Reading the final recommendations

4:00               End

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