Statement of KSC and attached Briefing News and Activities in West Kurdistan and Syria by Info. and Relations Centre Of Democratic Union Party (PYD)

The Kurdish supreme Council – A statement to the public opinion about Sere-Kanieh (Ras-Alain) events.

21.1.2013 – After getting the quietness back to Sre-kanieh city due to the agreement between people protection Units (YPG) and the armed groups who attacked the city two month ago, they agreed to form a local council representing all city inhabitants to manage its affairs, as a result of that agreement, a lot of Sere-kanieh people came back to their homes.

But obviously, and to create problems again,after having some problems among the armed groups themselves, they have started to attack the Kurdish districts in the city again! Which led People Protection Units (YPG) todefend their regions, consequently the battle area extended and it became very clear that the attack was planned due to the huge preparation for this attack as ordnance –wise and staff-wise aswell, all of it came in through Turkish boarders which insured everything for this attack.

At the same time which we condemn this attack and breach of the previous agreement, we are asking the Syrian coalition, Syrian opposition and the free army to clarify its stand toward these armed groups who are dragging our region into a struggle between Kurds and opposition forces, and thus posing a real threat which targets the security , safety and Kurdish existence in this region, and posing a great damage to the Syrian revolution and its goals. we are calling for the withdrawal of those armed groups out of the city and to leave it for its own people to manage themselves freely.

We appeal all Syrian people in general and Syrian revolution forces and national opposition in particular to be aware of what is going on in Sere-kanieh (Ras-Alain) city and what it means as a regional schemes which are targeting the national unity and to transfer the conflict into Syria components which serve the enemies of the Syrian revolution and Syrian regime.

We also emphasize that the Kurdish people will never give up defending their dignity and access to their freedom whatever the sacrifices are and will support by all means our people in Sere-Kanieh who are defending for their dignity and presence.This city was, and still, as a symbol of coexistence, brotherhood, and an expression of civil peace which ensured by region sons with all its various components who are insistent to defend Forth security, the safety and protection of their areas. And in this regard, we turn a salute to people protection units (YPG) and the sons of the city from various components on their heroic struggle and salute the martyrs who sacrificed their lives during these battles.

Qamishlo – 20/01/2013