Statement from the Damascus revolutionary coordination about what is happening in Qamishli & Sery Kany (Ras al-Ain) & Tel Abyad

10.8.2013 – We, the Damascus revolutionary coordination, condemn the actions of some battalions and of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) against our people the Kurds and demand the transfer of their battle to and against the Syrian regime in Damascus and in the besieged cities. These groups should leave the areas with a Kurdish presence being attacked under Islamic slogans and the execution of suicide operations that serve agendas of countries that do not want Syria’s stability, the Kurds are an ancient people and they were among the first participants in the revolution.

These acts brought a state of anxiety in the region, and increased the fears and apprehensions of its children because of the bad intentions of those armed groups who were angered from its relative stability and peaceful coexistence between its components.

Kurds are our brothers in blood and our partners in the homeland ..

We also demand the release of detainees from the people in these battalions and call on the leadership of the National Coalition for the forces of the revolution and the leadership of the Free Syrian Army to lift the lid on all those who are covered by them, and engage in acts detrimental to the Syrian revolution and its objectives, but serve its enemies, including the regime itself, we also appeal to the children of the Kurdish people and to all the people of the Jazira to increase their vigilance and solidarity to protect their area and their children and who they are, and remain loyal to the noble objectives to which throb the peaceful revolution, a revolution of freedom and dignity.

Long live an eternal free Syria