Demirtaş: Corruption Investigations Will Strengthen The Peace Process (But how ? In which way? – Please only one example, Selahattin.)

According to a report from DİHA and carried on Yüksekova Haber, Demirtaş countered claims by certain new outlets that he had said that the current corruption investigation would damage the peace process.

Demirtaş put out a statement on his Twitter account, saying “I never made any statement suggestıng that the corruption investigations would damage the peace process. Despite this those making the headlines claimed this for their own reasons. On the contrary the corruption investigations will give strength to the peace process. But at the same time we are not the type to ride the coattails of the Hizmet movement (Cemaat) and others like them.”

 Other internet sites, including that of the BDP, also denied the statement. According to the a statement carried on the BDP’s Official Website, “Demirtaş never uttered such words or  made such a statement. Rather Mr. Demirtaş’ evaluation was that ‘the corruption investigation should go be carried out to the end, however it should also be carried out along parallel channels with the same determination’ in accordance with the position adopted by the BDP. Despite this some internet sites are perverting Mr. Demirtaş’ statement and are giving a platform to these claims in an exhibition of hidden intentions and unethical behaviour and we are calling on this to be corrected.”