The Turkish state shows a great impatience to the acquisition of Kurdish people within the frame of latest progressions in Syria. Therefore, with the support of Turkish state some groups claims to be acted on behalf of Syrian opposition attacking the civilian, innocent Kurdish people.

These attacks on Kurds, who have suffered and been oppressed by the colonial system in the region so far, are simply iniquitousness. The ones who believe and respect democracy and freedom cannot organize such attacks against Kurdish people. It is well known that until now the Kurds have resisted to the dictatorship and cruelty in the Middle East more than anyone. Therefore the Kurdish people persecuted and exposed to the massacres by these Dictator regimes. Despite this fact, it is a contradiction that the ones who persecute the Kurds for the sake of colonialist Turkish state’s purposes, talk about the democracy and freedom.

However our people in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) responded these attacks with a well-organized structure and a great heroism. Our people resisted and proved that they represent the real social will. Reaching this very historic and important result is thanks to the residence of our heroic martyrs who did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their motherland and freedom of their people.

In the glorious resistance in the City of Serêkaniyê, which was embraced by all the people in Kurdistan, many valuable children of Kurdish people have been martyred. A total of eleven YPG members and four civilians were martyrized during the resistance in that conflict. In addition the heavy wounded YPG member Ubayd Hussein and a high level cadre of the Progressive Democratic Syrian Kurdish Party, valuable warrior Ela Qasim who injured in the clashed were also martyrized yesterday.

Resisting dauntlessly, the martyrs of Kurdistan, Ela Qasim and Ubayd Hussein, showed an exemplary manner of defending national Kurdish unity in dignity. Regardless his party and ideology he showed a stable manner with no hesitate and took a rank in defensing his people when the attacks started against Kurdish people. This is the fundamental honored manner that will determine independent future of our people in Rojava. Due to the martyrdom of these two valuable-valiant Kurdish militants of people of Rojava and all other YPG martyrs, we offer our condolence to their families, Progressive Democratic Syrian Kurdish Party, YPG and all our people in Rojava. Until they gain their democratic rights, our people in Rojava marching along the lines of their martyrs, will struggle resolutely to create the unity of a democratic Syria. 

Growing attacks in Aleppo-Eşrefiye against the Kurdish people continues today as well. As a principle not being a party to the ongoing conflict, the Kurdish people and the politicians will never be daunted with this kind of attacks. It is explicit that our people will decisively continue their struggle against any kind of brutal attack and never submit to cruelty. As a result the last artillery attacks by the forces of Syrian regime, 22 Kurds lost their lives. Also, a politician from Unity Party of Syrian Kurds, Kemal Henan, was martyred as a result of an assassination done by the Syrian regime. Once again we offer our condolence to the families of these 22 martyrs, the family of Kemal Henan, Unity Party of Syrian Kurds and all our people in Rojava.

Our people pertinaciously resisted against the attacks done in Şêx Maqsût Eşrefiye neighborhoods in Aleppo. Despite all of the difficult conditions engendered by the war, developing such a resistance in the teeth of poverty and hunger is putting the deep-significant Kurdish patriotism into practice. We would like to emphasize that the heroism and altruism of our people in Rojava has a special place in the freedom struggle of Kurdish people.

No attack can deter Kurdish people from their honorable struggle for freedom; nothing can send them out of their homeland. Each Kurd in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) should model their self on Ela Qasim, Ubayd Hussein, all the martyrs of YPG and our people who resisted and martyrized in Serêkaniyê and Eşrefîyê neighborhood in Aleppo. All Kurds should struggle for their freedom by acting upon the basis of unity with the peoples in Syria and defend their existence and national honor.

The main goal of the attacks on Kurds in Serêkaniyê done with the support and guidance of the Turkish state is to develop and spread an interior war in between the Kurds and Arabs. Everyone observes and knows that the clashes in Serêkaniyê were not against Syrian regime. It is evident that the target of these attacks was the Kurds who lived under the oppression of colonialist regimes for years. These attacks also aim to breed bad blood among the different ethnic groups such as Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Chekeses living together in Serêkaniyê and poison the culture of living together. No one should fall into these snares of colonialism. The culture of living together must be consolidated and the spirit of brotherhood should be further strengthened. In Serêkaniyê not only the resistance of the Kurdish people, but also the culture of common life has won. Everyone must respect this fact and should not attack the common living culture for any reason.

On this basis, we call all sides in favor of freedom and democracy to do their share for building a democratic Syria ensures also the rights of Kurdish people. All the democratic fronts should insist to defend the unity and brotherhood of people and raise their voice against unjust attacks against the Kurdish people.