General Assembly discuss Geneva II and the interim government

10-11-2013 – The General Assembly of the National Coalition of the Syrian Opposition and Revolutionary Forces began meeting in Istanbul today to discuss several topics on the agenda, including issues related to the formation of the interim government and the Geneva II Conference. Khalid Saleh, Director of the Media Office, said, during a press conference held today, that the topics to be discussed in the meetings will be centered on “the interim government, which was commissioned to be formed by Dr. Ahmad Tomah.

There, he announced he was ready to reveal the names of Ministerial candidates to the National Coalition for vote and approval. The government’s budget will also be discussed. The Syrian Coalition will also review developments that center around Geneva 2 and discuss them.” Saleh added that “the meeting will also discuss the agreement with the Kurdish National Council which contained two parts, the first political, and the other related to the number of seats that will be allocated to the Kurdish National Council and will discuss granting it more seats. The meeting will also discuss the report submitted by the Syrian Coalition’s Secretary General regarding activities of the various committees of the Syrian Coalition, and the issue of financial control and other things related to organizational matters.” Saleh re-asserted the Syrian Coalition’s “willingness to participate in any political process that aims to accomplish the demands of the Syrian people, referring to the Syrian Coalition’s support of the London Communique, which was a positive step in the context of further clarification regarding Geneva I.”  Saleh also called for “greater commitment from countries to apply the London Communique. He states that the United Nations “has the real authority to organize a Geneva II conference and determine its agenda”, and suggested holding talks with Ban Ki-moon in this regard.  He went on to say that the Syrian Coalition is waiting for a formal invitation to attend Geneva II. Saleh also stressed that Russia should “put pressure on the Assad regime to provide serious tangible evidence of its involvement in Geneva II by lifting the siege on cities where 1.6 million people still live under siege without food or medicine, as well as releasing the 245,000 detainees. Saleh ridiculed Assad’s attempt along with his Russian allies to “present an opposition that is approved by the regime to engage it in the negotiations.  This demonstrates that Assad and his allies are not serious in finding a political solution to the tragedy and disaster caused by the Assad regime. Saleh pointed out that “the Geneva II conference revolves around the establishment of a transitional body which would be a big step forward, but before that we the Assad Regime should show good will towards the people of Syria and stop killing innocent civilians.” Saleh spoke about the ongoing communication between the Syrian Coalition and a number of the Free Syrian Army’s battalions who seek “to achieve greater cohesion between the military men and the politicians.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)