One of the founder of our party PKK, the elite and advance guard of our movement, a symbol of dignity and resistance, the head cadre representative immoveable will of Kurdish women, comrade Sakine Cansız (Sara), Representative of KNK in Paris, the talented diplomat of Kurdish people, indomitable militant of our freedom movement comrade Fidan Doğan (Rojbin) and the loyal, talented militant of Youth Movement comrade Leyla Söylemez (Ronahî) were slayed yesterday. 

We condemn this brutal murder vehemently. This is a great loss and overwhelming pain for our movement, our people and women of Kurdistan. We up bear the martyrdom of  Comrade Sakine Cansız who  Carried out various administrative tasks in almost every period of our movement and became the indomitable head militant of Kurdish People and Women Freedom Movement, member of Assembly of PKK and the member of PAJK Coordination and, comrades Leyla Dogan and Fidan Söylemez. Our fundamental responsibility to all our martyrs is following their ideologue and to be bound to their memories until the last drop of our blood.

Comrade Sakine deliberately targeted, the massacre was organized, planned and carried out very skillfully. According to the way the event occurred, this massacre was obviously held by professional forces competence at the international level. It is clear that the massacre carried out by the ones who do not want the new process leaded by Öcalan to be developed and Kurdish question to be solved. This is a massacre organized and implemented by the malicious ones who want the continuation of colonialism on Kurdish people.

It is also noteworthy the event took place in France where lately the Kurdish politicians were followed-up, unjustly arrested and imprisoned. Most recently, a well-known Kurdish politician Adem Uzun who was a member of Executive Council of KNK detained as a result of a conspiracy. So it is possible to consider a link between this brutal massacre and the detaining of Adem Uzun. Uncovering the conspiracy caused the detaining of Adem Uzun would be an important data for lighting massacre. Not to be accused of this issue, the French government definitely should reveal the massacre. With the technological opportunities, the State of France can easily reveal this incident took place in the middle of Paris. If there is no complicity of some dark forces within the French government this massacre has to be revealed. The French Government can exculpate itself only if it reveals perpetrators of the murder. Otherwise The Kurds will hold French Government responsible for this massacre.  

Right after the massacre was announces in the press, our people living within and outside the country poured into the streets with a great pain. It is also remarkable that while we were deeply suffering for Comrade Sakine and the other two talented politicians killed in a brutal murder, the deputy chairman of AKP Hüseyin Çelik and their follower Turkish media groups served the news as the “internal settlement” since the very beginning of the event. From the first hour Turkish state, government officials, and adherent media, boldly attempted to impute this massacre to our movement, namely on Kurds. This is a game of misdirection of the public opinion. 

Continuously announcement of the same group saying: “there may be provocative actions” is also remarkable. Performing such a psychological warfare cannot rid the both offenders and stronger Turkish state from being responsible for this brutal act of terrorism. It is clear that with guilt feelings the Turkish side attempts to cover the reality of the massacre and manipulate it.

The ones, who failed to slaughter the head cadres within our country, wanted to achieve their goals by martyrizing comrade Sakine in Europe.  It is clear that the ones who especially targeted comrade Sakine and the other free women militants want to take revenge from freedom movement and Kurdish people. Because the Kurdistan Freedom Movement under the leadership of President Öcalan gained a high level and the Kurdish Women’s Movement developed with the velour of comrades such as Sakine, Zîlan, Bêrîtan and Nuda, takes a great position in this process. The important role of Kurdish women in President Öcalan’s power and developing freedom movement is indisputable.  The honesty, simplicity, stability and heroic life of comrade Sakine was an important point in this role to be played.  The enemies of the Kurdish people, wanted to take revenge and sabotage the developing solution process by targeting women militants leading the freedom movement.

Even though it has an international background, we believe that this attack was done by the Turkish Gladio. This brutal and execrable attack only be made by the sadistic forces having racist and chauvinist feeling of deep state and grown by the Turkish colonialism. Organizing the event ingeniously indicates that it has been done by Turkish deep state consist on international forces.

If the AKP government were truly sincere in solving the Kurdish question, it would ask for this incident to be revealed and waited for the result instead of performing psychological warfare and making black propaganda. However the government showed an opportunistic attitude.

We clearly announce it to all the public opinion, the ones who want to sabotage this process, are not those who acted in Cukurca, but the ones who slaughtered 10 militants of PKK including the Commander of Amed, comrade Numan in Lice on December 31, 2012.The Action in Çukurca was done by HPG militants as a retribution. Otherwise there has never been a “multi-headedness or internal conflict” as the Turkish state and the Turkish press expresses often.  This is just and only a meaningless disinformation put forward by the Turkish office of psychological warfare. The assumption Turkish state explains the event as a result of an internal feud, in particular by giving the name of some of our friends, is not only distortion and lie, but also a great disrespect to our people and movement.

We call all national and international, democratic, peace supporters and conscientious districts to raise voice against this great disrespect and attempt of Turkey to cover this brutal massacre. We want all our friends to give a hand to reveal the incident. We call the French state to solve this heinous murder committed in the middle of Paris. We would like to emphasize that in case the government does not disclosure this event, it will bring the European law into disrepute and the government of France will be blamed for it.

This event is transferring the murders committed against our movement up to now, to an international dimension. Condemnation all aspects of this event and revelation of the killers, will also open a door to the democratic solution. Revealing this villainous attack will play an important role in getting success from the peace process initiated by President Öcalan and resolution of Kurdish question by attaining their legitimate rights. Revealing of those who became the obstacles in front of the solution within the System of Turkish state, will let development of a democratic solution.

Therefore, all our people within the country and abroad and the democratic-patriotic districts should claim comrades Sakine, Leyla and Fidan. First of all, it is very important that our all patriotic people and our friends in Europe to go to Paris claim our martyrs and rise voice for revealing of this massacre.  On the other hand, it is a fundamental task for all people from Kurdistan within and outside the country and all peace supporters to pour into the streets and upgrade the struggle against colonial-fascists those block the democratic solution for Kurdish question. On this basis we want all our people to claim our valuable martyrs, to protest this monstrous massacre and not to leave the incident uncover. We call our patriot people to offer all its power to reveal this massacre.