Kurdish political parties united in Brussels

By Roni Alasor / Lorin Sarkisian (ANP) 25.5.2013 –  Over 200 delegates, representatives of Kurdish and Kurdistani political parties, organisations and guests from four parts of Kurdistan and Diaspora joined in the 13th Congress of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in the European Union’s capital Brussels.

Representatives from different political groups supported strongly the unity of all Kurdistani people and the ongoing peace dialogue with Turkey. Congress ask UN, US, EU and Russia to respect and recognise the fundamental rights of Kurds and people of Kurdistan.

Speaking at the opening of the congress, Rojan Hazimi, executive member of KNK Council,  expressed satisfaction that so many Kurds from the four parts of Kurdistan and Diaspora joined the meeting to show Kurdistani unity. Hazimi welcomed “all the Assyrians-Syriac-Chaldeans, Armenians, Yezidis, Alevits and all Kurdistani people from different ethnical and religious groups which make Kurdistan richer and stronger. What we call today geographically Kurdistan – Mesopotamia – Anatolia is enough for all of us to live in a peaceful, free, democratic, pluralistic and secular society”, said Mr. Hazimi.

In a message to the Kurdish National Congress, the president of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani supported the peace process between Turkey and the Kurds and called for Kurdish unity. The speech of President Barzani delivered at the Congress by Hemen Hawrami, Head of Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). “The 20th century was a torture and painful period for the Kurds, but the 21st century is an end to the Kurds’ denial and a start to achieve democratic, human demands. The Kurds should start asking for their demands but should avoid from resorting to violence. All Kurdish parties should be united”, concluded President Barzani.

“The ending of clashes in Turkey is a significant attempt to stabilize peace and security in the country. For the better development of the peace process , both sides should be patient and work hard. It is along process. I hope Mr. Ocalan will be released and there will be amendments in the constitution in Turkey which will guarantee the peaceful coexistence of Turks and Kurds as brothers in Turkey”, underlined KRG President.

Melle Bahtiyar, Member of the Politburo of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) also supported the peace process between Turkey and the Kurds.

Mr. Bahtiyar stressed “the importance of breaking the fascist, ultranationalist and reactionary forces in the Middle East, which use the religion against the fundamental human rights. The peace process is good opportunity not only for Kurds in Turkey, but for all Assyrians-Chaldeans, Armenians, Circassians, Yezidis, Alevis and all Kurdistani people”.

Remzi Kartal,  the President of Kurdish KONGRA-GEL called the 13th KNK congress as “important and historical, because for the first time all the Kurdish political groups, as well as the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdish President are together to show the Kurdish unity”. Mr.Kartal analyzed the situation of Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan, pointing out that after Federal Kurdistan, Kurds in Western Kurdistan (Syria) are also on the way of self-governing, while in North Kurdistan a peace and dialog process takes place. Regarding East Kurdistan (Iran), Mr. Kartal said that Kurds are in a struggle for democratic and civil society rights.

Remzi Kartal underlined the importance of Kurdish unity and strength as guarantee for the peace process in Turkey in these crucial times when Kurds have acquired power in the Middle East.

Talking to Ararat News (ANP), Zubeyir Aydar, the new re-elected executive member of KNK and KCK Council, commented the last KNK congress as an important step to bring nearly all Kurdish political organisations and parties together. “One of the important missions of the congress is not only to support the ongoing process for peace in Turkey, but also to show that all the Kurds and Kurdistani people have the strong potential to be united and to cooperate in order to succed in their struggle for fundamental human rights”, said Mr. Aydar.

The two main head of Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), Murat Karayilan and Cemil Bayik sent also messages to KNK Congress where they ask for backing the peace dialogue with Ankara.