SOUTH KURDISTAN (SYRIA) We won’t build aerial force for Kurds: Barack Obama (Because we want disturb Iran)

4 April 2015 – MESOP – U.S. President Barack Obama has stated that the Iraqi Kurds should not wait for the Washington to build them an aerial force.

Kurdish officials has repeatedly asked the U.S. for arm them directly against the militants of the Islamic State (IS) and not sent weapons for Kurds through Baghdad but Washington has always stated that weapons would go to Kurds through Baghdad.

In an interview with New York Times, Obama hailed Iraqi Kurds in managing and controlling own region but stressed the U.S. can not form for them and Iraqi government any aerial force. New York Times, however, stated that the U.S. is apparently opposing with sending weapons for Kurds directly but it is not impossible to send them weapons secretly. CIA officials have remained silent over the issue and other officials have denied commenting. Meanwhile the Associated Press stated that it seems that the U.S. change towards arming Kurds directly is changing and some Congressman are backing direct arms for Kurds. Meanwhile Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG0 Representative to the U.S. Karwan Zebari told the AP that the U.S. officials have assured him that Washington would send arms for Kurds in a near future.