SOUTH KURDISTAN : KRG opposition parties to forms alliance / “CHANGE” & ISLAMIC PARTIES

11.6.2013 – Kurdpress – The opposition parties of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are due to form an alliance in the upcoming election of the region in order to seize power from the co- ruling KDP and PUK.

Addressing a Change Movement internal conference, the movement’s leader Nawshirwan Mustafa said the cooperation between his movement and two other opposition blocs of the region will continue as “they should be in power if the oppositions want to set their plans into motion.” A member of opposition Islamic Communities political bureau, Muhammad Hakim backed Mustafa remarks and said the opposition lines can make an alliance to have their demands come true.

Opposition Islamic Union political bureau chief Abubakir Haldani however doubted pre- election alliance among the opposition parties of the region, but said his party will make the alliance if the votes would not be enough for establishing a joint committee. Haldani further denied his party’s presence in a possible PUK- KDP government. He denied a unified government with all the political parties will solve the problems. KRG six and seven governments demands from Change Movement to attend in their cabinets were disowned by the opposition movement.