SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) : Survey predicts more parliamentary seats for two main parties in Kurdistan’s next election

PNA – 15.7.2013 –  A survey by American NGOs shows a possible increase in the numbers of seats in parliament for both Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the two main parties in Kurdistan, in the next election, Bas newspaper reported.

American NGOs expects more seats for Kurdish two main parties, PUK and KDP, in the next parliamentary election. While oppositions according to the survey are supposed to face a decrease in the number of seats they currently have in parliament.The survey indicated that KDP will win 40-42 seats, PUK will gain 20-25 seats; Goran movement supposed to achieve 14-17 seats; and Kurdistan Islamic Union will reach 8-10 seats and Kurdistan Islamic Group 4-5 seats.

According to the data, each of the Socialist and Communist parties will have 1 seat in parliament. The representative of Christians and Turkmens whose candidates are also affiliated to KDP will have at least 7 seats in the Kurdistan Parliament for the next election. Bas kept the names of American NGOs that were dealing with the survey secret as requested.- See more at: