US Halts Cooperation with German Intelligence in Kurdistan

Basnews – 06.06.2015 ERBIL – The German newspaper Bild reports that US intelligence services have stopped cooperation with Germany in developing a project to protect German soldiers currently training Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Iraq.

The move comes as US anger grows over a public inquiry by German parliament into spying activities of the US National Security Agency which was launched on March 20, 2014. The German Federal Intelligence (BND) was building a program to protect German soldiers training the Kurdish forces in Erbil. The system was meant to monitor the communications and troop movements of Islamic State.

“It was something you cannot buy in a store,” a German intelligence source said. Several weeks ago, the BND allegedly requested the US to take part in the program but did not receive a response. A US intelligence officials told BILD the US is worried the technology used for electronic reconnaissance could be part of the inquiry by the German parliament.“As long if there is this risk, it seems hard to imagine we would provide sensitive technology,” said the anonymous US source to BILD. The Germans are concerned the lack of such US technology would hamper the program.