SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) MESOP : CAGE Peshmerga not freed !


MESOP : !/ Peshmerga not freed !

On Sunday night, rumors spread on social networks that IS militants had freed the 17 Peshmerga prisoners, but the Peshmerga Ministry has not commented on the rumours.

Basnews | Biryar Koyi – ERBIL – 16 Feb 2015 – A Kurdish Member of Parliament, Qadir Watman,who sits on the Peshmerga Affairs Committee, has given details about a proposed prisoner swap which would see the 17 Peshmerga recently captured in southern Kirkuk released in exchange for the Islamic State militants held by the KRG.Watman told BasNews on Sunday, “The Peshmerga Ministry and leaders of Sunni tribal groups continue to seek the release of Peshmerga prisoners held by Islamic State (IS).”“There is no positive news as yet. The committee is in constant contact with the Peshmerga Ministry and officials,” he said. “IS has refused to exchange or free the Peshmerga prisoners. They have told Sunni tribal leaders that IS doesn’t want the prisoners that have been captured by the Peshmerga,” added Watman. “It means that the militants held by the KRG hold no value for IS,” he concluded.