Soldiers attack villagers acting as human shields

ANF – ŞIRNAK 25.02.2014  – Soldiers deployed at a military post near the village of Roboski in the district of Uludere in Şırnak province have attacked early Tuesday morning the villagers of Roboski who went to the border as human shields.

Local villagers marched to the border of the Federal Kurdistan region on Monday after an armed clash between the HPG (People’s Defence Units) and Turkish army was reported along the border in the area between Beyaztepe (KoxeSpî) and Karaçalı (Şehit Kendal), where a ‘security road’ is being built.  On 17 February the Turkish army bombed the Karaçalı (Şehit Kendal) area, claiming shots had been fired at machinery. Local villagers engaged in cross border trade were trapped at the border, and one, Nihat Encü, suffered a bullet wound to the foot. Since 17 February Turkish forces have been directing artillery and mortar fire at the area and launching attacks with Cobra helicopters. Reinforcements are being sent to the area as tension over the road-construction boils over.  Clashes between villagers and soldiers in the border area are reported to be continuing.