SOHR Updates On YPG-ISIS Fighting

24.7.2013 –  Hasakah province: Clashes continue for the 7th consecutive day in the Jel Agha (al-Jawadiya) area between the YPG and the ISIS and some allied rebel factions. YPG took control last night of 2 positions that were used by bases by the other side by the highway linking al-Tahoona and Tal Kojar (the bases were in Kaziyat al-Sheikh and Mazra’at Kilmi).

Sporadic clashes in village of Keri Fatih and Karhouk. Reports that 2 ISIS and Nusra fighters were killed and that 2 others were injured as a result of an attack they committed last night on a YPG checkpoint in Mohammad Diab village, 10 km from Qahtaniya city, the ISIS and al-Nusra are based in the Huriyat village there.

    Raqqah province: Clashes continue between Liwa’ Jabhat al-Akrad and the YPG on one side against the Islamic State for Iraq and al-Sham, Jabhat al-Nusra and other rebel factions in the west of Tal Abyad city. Reports that several al-Nusra fighters were taken captive in the clashes in the Kendal village, the clashes there ended with YPG and Jabhat al-Akrad control over the villages of Kur Hasso, Atwan, Sarej and Khirbet Alo. Reports that Jabhat al-Akrad destroyed a tank in Kobarla village. Reports that the Kurdish fighters have taken over the villages of Kendar, Sosak, Tal Akhdar, Tal Fandar and al-Karsahat. Clashes also took place between them in Jabla village, which is between Tal Abyad and Kobani; reports that the Emir of al-Nusra in the village was killed and that the Kurdish fighters detained 3 jihadi fighters, no reports on Jabhat al-Akrad losses. The airforce bombarded the school in al-Sukariya village, west of Tal Abyad city. 1 man was reportedly killed as a result and several others injured.

    22/7 10 fighters from Liwa’ Jabhat al-Akrad, the ISIS and several other battalions were killed during the clashes between Liwa’ al-Akrad and the ISIS in the city of Tal Abyad, Reef al-Raqqah.