SOHR Updates on ISIS-YPG Conflict

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 2 hours ago al-Hasaka province: 4 YPG fighters were killed, and reports of 2 others, by violent clashes that broke out today at the border crossing in the Ras al-A’in city with the ISIS and al-Nusra front who attacked the crossing which is under YPG control, reports that several ISIS and al-Nusra fighters were killed.

Clashes are ongoing between both sides in the north-western part of the city in an attempt by al-Nusra’s side to regain control of the border checkpoint. Fighters of the ISIS, al-Nusra and rebel factions attacked a YPG checkpoint in a field that lies south of the Safa village of the Jal Agha (al-Jawadiya) suburb last night. Clashes also broke out in the Mathrita village, south of Karhouk, between both sides.

    al-Raqqa province: 1 child was wounded by sniper fire in the Qaz A’li village of the Tal Abiad city. YPG fighters clashed with the ISIS, al-Nusra front and rebel fighters in the perimeter of the villages of al-Jalba, Malha, Birkno, and al-Sa’di of Reef Tal Abiad.

    Yesterday al-Hasaka province: Clashes broke out last night between YPG fighters from one side and the ISIS, al-Nusra front and rebel fighters from the other and continued until earlier this morning, clashes took place after fighters from the al-Nusra’s side attacked the villages of al-Yousufiya, al-Shukra and Safa of Reef Karki Laki “M’abda” city with heavy machine guns and tanks, activists from the area reported that YPG fighters destroyed 2 tanks from the opposing side and reports of human losses from al-Nusra’s side. Clashes also broke out in the villages of Soufiya, Taya and Mathlouma of Tarba Sabiya (al-Qahtaniya) city yesterday between both sides.

    al-Raqqa province: The airforce carried out an air raid on the al-Qusm al-Kharji building west of al-Raqqa city. The villages of Sosak and Beerkano of western Reef Tal Abiad city were attacked by al-Nusra front, the ISIS and rebel fighters.