SOHR: Fighting In Kurdish Neighbourhood of Aleppo

Transnational Middle East Observer – 30.3.2013 – Aleppo province: Violent clashes are still ongoing between rebel fighters from several factions ( 1 is a Kurdish battalion) [Kurdish Military Council] and members of the pro regime defence committees in eastern al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood and the area in between eastern al-Sheikh Maqsoud and Bustan al-Basha, reports indicate that at least 14 members of the defence committees and several were injured. 4 rebel fighters were killed and dozens injured by clashes so far. 8 civilians were killed, so far, by mortar shells on the neighbourhood and 60 were injured, some of which were transported to Turkey for treatment.  

Aleppo province: 5 civilians, including 2 children (5 and 12 years old), were killed by rockets falling on the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood of Aleppo. The neighbourhood is mainly inhabited by Syrian Kurds. The eastern part of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, by the railway tracks near busman al-Basha, has been witnessing clashes between rebel fighters, including a Kurdish brigade, and members of the regular forces and pro-regime Popular Committee militia since rebels attacked several regime checkpoints in the area this morning. there are definite reports of casualties on both sides. The airforce went on a raid near the artillery battalion in the Ramusa area. An artillery shell fell on the Sheikh Faris neighbourhood, several people were injured. In Reef Aleppo a large explosion rocked the town of Hureitan, reports indicate it was a rocket attack; there are early reports that tens of people were killed and injured in the area targeted. province: Violent clashes are taking place between regular forces and members of the Kurdish Popular Defence Committees (YPG) in the al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, reports of human losses from both sides.

I thought this neighbourhood used to be controlled by the Democratic Union Party and it’s militia. The clashes were also confirmed by the PYD website and Hawar news.