Sociologist Beşikçi, Russian charity receive Dink Award

MESOP 18.9.2012 – A sociologist and historian as well as an organization committed to promoting human rights are the recipients of the International Hrant Dink Award, which for the fourth time was presented on the slain journalist Hrant Dink’s birthday.

Preeminent scholar Professor İsmail Beşikçi received his award from Dink’s widow, Rakel Dink, and Etyen Mahçupyan, a close friend of Dink’s, on Saturday. The chairman of Memorial, a Russia-based historical, educational, human rights and charitable society, Alexander Cherkasov, also received the award. The award is presented to two recipients from inside and outside of Turkey “who work for a world free of discrimination, racism and violence, take personal risks for their ideals, use the language of peace, and by doing so, inspire and encourage others.”