Kawa Muhammad – KNNCnet – 21-2-2014 – If a country or government was supposed to be administrated through slogans and promises, surely the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should have given budget shares to the Central Government – not the other way round. Hawler would have been the center not only for Iraq but also for the whole region. The KRG‌’s officials own factories to produce big promises and slogans where they destroy all the concepts of planning, implementing, organizing schemes for the future and government running. They only publicize big promises in the markets and contaminate society.

They make announcements of independence, but they cannot provide government employees‌’ salaries. They threaten other countries with confrontation, but they cannot provide Peshmarga‌’s salary, leave them alone, and use them for political outbuildings. 

They proclaim independence, but they fail to solve people‌’s problems by not providing their basic needs of survival. They say that they have put the region into the world energy map, but there are gasoline problems and they cannot give citizens their share of oil. “I do not know what kind of government this is, if they cannot give employees‌ salaries. A salary that is not the product of infrastructure and is only sent by the Central Government and is not given to the employees properly!” an employee, describing his family‌s status, told me.  Yes, the KRG is a government of big promises and no actions and no strategies. It is a government for some elite officials and not a government of citizenship. It is a government that takes salaries from the Central Government and not a government that distributes salaries. The KRG is not a kind of government for the well-being of its people.