Sirri Surreyya Onder banned / DON’T LET APO ALONE


11.6.2013 – Kurdpress – The co-leader of Pro- Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Selahattin Demirtas said Turkey Kurds are firmly supporting Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan and will never leave him alone.

Speaking to a group of his party’s supporters in Kolancar, a city in Kurdish province of Elazig, Demirtas said the Kurds would have had a better situation if they had supported Kurdish leader Sheikh Saied Piran 80 years ago, stressing the Turkey Kurds would not repeat the mistake and will never leave Ocalan alone.

He further promised the country’s Kurds will one day study and read in two Kermanji and Zazaki dialects of Kurdish language.

Demirtas further lashed out at Turkey government for stopping short of taking a concrete step in its peace talks with the PKK. “Ocalan’s ceasefire announcement has granted Turkey a big chance to stabilize peace and make political development in the country, but the government has not taken any steps to convince the Kurds,” he said. “We expect Turkey Parliament to take a step in the upcoming month to change the constitution and meet the demands of the Kurds.”  Ocalan was very angry of Turkey government and said Onder should accompany the next delegations, Demirtas said about a Turkey judiciary ministry decision which banned BDP Istanbul deputy Sirri Surreyya Onder to accompany Demirtas and BDP deputy Pervin Buldan in meeting Ocalan in Imrali Prison last week. The ministry banned Onder due to his participation in anti- government protests in Istanbul’s Taksim square.