Sieda: Turkey to be influential on all Kurds after settling Kurdish question


27 May 2013 /BOSTAN CEMİLOĞLU, İSTANBUL – Zaman – If Turkey manages to complete its terrorism settlement process with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), it will have great influence on other Kurdish populations in the region, said Abdulbaset Sieda, the former head of the Syrian National Council (SNC), Syria’s political opposition in exile.

Sieda, who is Kurdish, was the leader of the SNC between June and November of last year. He is also an academic who has written a number of books on the Kurdish population in Syria. Stating that Turkey plays an important role in the Middle East, Sieda maintained that “in order to play this role effectively, it should certainly solve its internal Kurdish problem. [Once it has done this,] it will have a great influence on other Kurds in the region, especially on the Kurds in Syria, Iraq and even in Iran. ” Sieda said that Kurds in Syria are demanding a similar democratic and internal peace process to solve the Kurdish question in their countries. He claimed that the solution for other problems and the communication between different groups in the region will become easier once the Kurdish problem has been resolved in Syria. The Kurdish leader has also ruled out that Kurds in Syria are demanding a separate state, saying that no Kurdish organization wants such a scenario in Syria. “The Kurdish issue will be solved within Syria. We have worked within the Syrian national program, and we are still continuing to do so,” he said.