SALIH MUSLIM STARTS TO REALIZE IT ! – PYD leader: Kurds will not attend Geneva II unless Kurdish question is on agenda

January 15, 2014 – PARIS,— Syrian Kurdish PYD party co-chair Salih Muslim has stated at a press conference in Paris that the Kurds will not participate in the Geneva II Conference unless they are represented and the resolution of the Kurdish question is on the agenda. Muslim added that a meeting that did not address the Kurdish question would be like a second Lausanne.

At the press conference entitled ‘The situation in Rojava and Syria prior to Geneva’, Muslim answered questions put to him by ANF, saying: “We will take part if the settling of the Kurdish question is to be discussed.”

Muslim said that Syrian Kurdistan [Rojava] was the heart of the struggle, adding: “the struggle has been continuing for 3 years. In July certain things became clear.” – Muslim continued: “We have realised that there are forces like the Salafists who want to take the revolution in a different direction. Muslim continued: “the revolution began on 19 July. We encountered a Salafist attack supported by Turkey. This continued from July 2012 until July 2013. We decided to establish a new civilian administration in the Kurdish areas for democratic self-government. Two months ago a meeting was held attended by 82 people, with representatives of the Arabs, Kurds and Assyrians. Two committees were established, one for a constitutional project and one for elections.”

‘Our aim is to produce a democratic solution for the whole of Syria’

Muslim said that a few days ago agreement had been reached regarding the administration and form of election to be held in the areas in Rojava, adding that their aim was to develop a democratic project for Syria.

Muslim said: “The existing opposition does not represent the will of all peoples in Syria. Another problem is the representation of the Kurds. It will not be right if this is not discussed at Geneva.” He added that the project in Rojava was also a proposal to the Geneva II Conference. Muslim said they had spoken to the US and the Russians and told them that in order for there to be democracy in Syria the Kurdish question needed to be resolved. Muslim added that the organising committee for the conference was at present ignoring the Kurds, adding: “The Geneva Conference will be a mere show and not solve anything as far as we are concerned.”

Muslim added that they had explained at all their meetings that the Syrian opposition did not represent the Kurds or the Syrian people, adding that the Kurds would not participate at Geneva II. He said: “It will only be for show. We want a resolution of the Kurdish question to be addressed. Otherwise we won’t attend. All the Kurds agree with this position.” Muslim added that they had been advised by everyone they had spoken to, first and foremost the Russians, “Don’t bring up the Kurdish question now. Leave it for other meetings.” Muslim concluded: “We Kurds do not want a repetition of Lausanne.