Head of the Kurdish Democratic Union: We are currently fighting Assad forces & Jabhat Al Nusra

MESOP 1.10.2013 – Party leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union, Saleh Muslim Mohammed, said that his party is now fighting Assad regime forces and Jabhat Al Nusra saying that he feared collective crimes against civilians who live in the Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maksoud neighborhoods of Aleppo, which are continuously bombed and under siege by the “jihadists” calling the international community to intervene to prevent the massacre. Muslim said in an interview published by the newspaper “Al Hayat”: “The Assad regime wants the militarization of the revolution because he has a military advantage, so he released a few thousand Salafis and jihadists from Sednaya prison and was successful in doing just that.” Muslim asked: “Whoever speaks about democracy today? Even more moderate Brigades are demanding the Khilafa now.”

Regarding concerns about Democratic Union Party preparing for detachment from Syria, Muslim explained that “there is no basis for these concerns only one Kurdish party in Syria calls for secession.” In reference to this he said “Because we demand our rights does not mean that we want to secede. Muslim said that western Kurdistan is not “a political statement but a geographical term. It is as if some people want us to forget our Kurdish identity.” (Source: Al Hayat)

Al Assad claims that he will respect the United Nation’s agreement on chemical weapons

Bashar Al Assad said to 24 News Italian Television channel yesterday, “His regime will respect the United Nation’s agreement on chemical weapons,” according to his claims. Al Assad added that his regime had joined the International Convention on the Prohibition of the Possession and Use of Chemical Weapons before the issuance of the United Nation’s agreement. (Source: Reuters)