9.6.2013 – MESOP – A delegation from the Supreme Kurdish Council (Desteya bilind ya Kurd) met with the Russian foreign ministry. The Kurdish delegation met with Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov’s deputy Mikhail Bogdanov.

The meeting marked the first official invitation from Russia and aimed at establishing diplomatic relations between the two parties. Among the topics that were discussed were DBKs position on the Syrian regime and the role of the YPG. Furthermore the Kurdish delegates made it clear that they were determined to participate in the second international peace conference on the crisis in Syria, as an independent Kurdish party. Salih Mislim, co-chair of the PYD, and one of the delegates in Russia, said that the Russians did not reject the demands of the DBK. Furthermore Mislim said that the meeting was successful and that both parties looked forward to strengthening their ties.