The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leading council member warned the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) approach and stance towards Syria Kurds and Kurds National Congress is dangerous, Ozgur Gundem reported.

“Falah Mustafa’s remarks about Syria Kurds autonomy were wrong while Change Movement and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have announced their support to the autonomy, KDP has taken a dangerous stance,” Sabri Ok said. “The forces of the People Defense Units (YPG) have been fighting Takfiri groups in the past year and more than 500 YPG members have been martyred. What has been achieved is the result of people’s efforts and the blood of Kurdish youths and everyone should ask why KDP opposes the big reality,” he added, stressing that co- leaders’ structure is the main reason behind KDP leader, Massoud Barzani’s opposition to the autonomic administration.