MESOP 21.8.2013 Saying that ROJ TV and producer firm Mezopotamya TV were unable to make a payment of 10 million Danish krones (roughly 1.4 million euros), ROJ TV General Manager Imdat Yılmaz said they filed for bankruptcy.

On July 3, Copenhagen City Court have cancelled broadcasting licenses for ROJ TV, Nuçe TV and MMC, ordering each television network to pay 5 million Danish Krone fine. The aforementioned TV networks were allowed to object against the ruling providing that they paid their fines within 15 days. “In fact, the case is not closed yet, Therefore, we requested to hold onto the payment until the decision of higher appeals court. However, the court rejected our request. The banks haven’t been considerate about lending us 10 million krones either. Then we had no option but to file for bankruptcy,” Imdat Yılmaz said.  In January 2012, Copenhagen City Court ordered the continuation of ROJ TV’s broadcasting rights but also issued a 2.6 million krones fine.