Roboski families receive human rights prize

11 Dec 2012 –  By bianet: Roboski massacre, 28 December 2011 – Mehmet Atak, Ali Akel, Mustafa Cemlioğlu, Ahmet Kaya and families from Roboski became the recipients of this year’s MAZLUMDER human rights prizes.

MAZLUMDER, a Turkish human rights association, handed out its annual human rights prizes on Sunday, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Week. ”In Turkey, we need a new constitution that will welcome all underrepresented factions of the society. This is how we can avoid further human rights abuses,” said Ahmet Faruk Ünsal, MAZLUMDER President.

The ceremony program included a screening on the latest human rights abuse cases in Turkey, poetry performances by Sıtkı Caney and Abdurrahim Semavi and concerts by Tara Jaff veTAJ.

Human Right Struggle Prize: Roboski Families

Families in Roboski, whose 34 beloved ones were killed by a Turkish military air strike, were awarded for their constant human rights struggle.

Aydın Durmuş Juridical Prize: Mehmet Atak

Mahmet Atak was awarded for his efforts to create a change on the Turkish Counterterrorism Act and for his support to minors and conscientious rejectors who are facing trial.

Press Prize: Ali Akel

Journalist Ali Akel was awarded for his work on the victims of Roboski Massacre at the risk of losing his job at Yeni Safak Newspaper where he worked since its establishment with a longtime career as Washington correspondent.

Peoples’ Solidarity Prize: Mustafa Cemlioğlu

Mustafa Cemlioğlu was awarded for his support in the human rights struggle of Tatar people in Ukraine’s Crimean. Arrested several times, he was sent to exile and work camps by authorities.

Loyalty Prize: Ahmet Kaya

Kurdish artist and activist Ahmet Kaya, died in 2000, was awarded for his struggle against Turkey’s junta military officials in 1997 by defending women’s rights to wear a headscarf in universities.