“He can’t speak – but probably later” (TALABANI)

Basnews 17-12-2013 – PUK tries to bring ailing Iraqi president Jalal Talabani back to Kurdistan before party convention: Members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) are trying to bring home ailing Iraqi president and head of PUK Jalal Talabani before the party’s convention, scheduled to take place Jan. 31st.

Talabani has been recovering in a hospital in Germany, following a stroke in December 2012. Photos of the PUK leader in good health were published on December 10m 2013, following speculation that the he was due to return to Kurdistan.

Basnews has obtained information regarding the potential reasons for Talabani’s alleged return. One motive points towards the PUK wanting their leader to be present at the party’s convention, and two PUK leaders wants to prepare the party for after Talabani, if something happen to him.

Former PUK leader, Aso Ali, believes that Talabani’s presence at the party convention will have an important effect on the party members.

“If Talabani made the convention, his presence would have a great effect on the people that could be chosen for the PUK leadership,” said Ali. “As long as he is alive, Talabani will remain the PUK’s General Secretary, but it is also important that the PUK choose a group of people to make decisions; that would be the key issue of the convention,” added Ali. It’s noteworthy to mention that no sound or video of Talabani has been broadcast since last December. The first photos during his convalescence were released last May by the Iraqi Presidential Office. Last October, a Kurdish source revealed that President Talabani can watch TV and read newspapers, but he cannot speak. The source noted that “Talabani is still in the process of recovery, probably will be able to talk later”.