RESEARCH + STATISTICS : Iraq’s Anbar Province Once Again Becoming A Center For Insurgent Operations

05 Nov 2013 Musings on Iraq – Iraq’s Anbar province used to be one of the centers of the insurgency, and it might be becoming one again. Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha recently told the press that 40% of the governorate was under the control of militants. Today there is a free flow of fighters back and forth across the Syrian border. Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) is targeting the security forces and local politicians. More importantly, it is attempting to gain control of territory as there have been several assaults upon towns and cities this year.

This has occurred despite the Iraqi security forces (ISF) announcing one operation after another. Its tactics of raids and retreats have proven largely ineffective, and the mass arrests that have taken place are counterproductive. Violence is picking up across many parts of Iraq, but Anbar is one specific area where insurgents are attempting to establish a permanent presence.  

(Institute for The Study Of War)

The new tactics of the insurgency were shown in January 2013 with high profile attacks upon the security forces and notables. There were 44 incidents across the province that month with most of those, 27, centered in Fallujah. The press and Iraq Body Count reported a total of 34 killed for the month, almost half of which were soldiers, 10, police, 10, and members of the Awakening, 3, with another 17 policemen, 16 soldiers, and one Awakening member being wounded. Some of the major attacks included January 3 when three policemen were assassinated with silenced guns in Jebeil, and the home of a policemen was bombed in Ramadi. January 6 a sticky bomb killed two relatives of policemen in Hit. January 7 there was a mortar attack upon the Anbar Operations Command base in Ramadi. January 15 a parliamentarian from the Iraqi National Movement, and one of the early leaders of the Awakening Sheikh Aifan Issawi was killed by a suicide bomber. January 16 there was a shootout between Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) elements and the security forces in Rutba that left nine insurgents and three policemen dead, while the head of the Anbar provincial council came under a mortar barrage. January 17 there was another confrontation in that city with another nine militants and two soldiers killed. January 27 there was a coordinated operation against the army in Fallujah with a rocket attack upon an army base east of the city, and mortars were fired at another in the north. Much of this activity could be accounted for by Al Qaeda in Iraq’s Breaking Walls campaign. The security forces responded by discovering a car bomb workshop just outside of Fallujah on January 9, hunting down and killing ten AQI members in the western desert and capturing seven others on January 18, and detaining five more north of Ramadi that had escaped from Tikrit prison in September 2012. Most of the attacks occurred in the cities and towns that run along the Euphrates River such as Qaim, Haditha, Hit, Ramadi, Amiriya Fallujah, and Fallujah. That has been a traditional path taken by insurgent as it follows trade and smuggling routes that have been used for centuries. Much has been made of Al Qaeda’s expansion due to the war in neighboring Syria. 2013 however shows that the organization is still embedded deep in the province, not just in the remote border areas.  

In Jan. the ISF claimed to have captured several Al Qaeda members in Anbar (Al-Shorfa)

January 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 44

Top Location Fallujah 27

Top Type of Attak 15 Gunfire

# Of Killed 34

Civilians Killed 10

Policemen Killed 10

Soldiers Killed 10

Awakening Killed 3

# Of Wounded 50

Civilians Wounded 16

Policemen Wounded 17

Soldiers Wounded 16

Awakening Wounded 1

February saw a slight dip in violence. There were only 25 security incidents, eleven of which were centered in and around Fallujah, and 14 people died. The main target was the Iraqi Army (IA) in that city. February 2 and 3 saw mortar attacks on an army base north of Fallujah. February 6 there was a rocket attack upon an IA base inside the city. Then on February 26 there was a rocket attack on a base east of Fallujah. February might have been a reloading period for the insurgents in Anbar as it had the fewest number of attacks and deaths for the year.

February 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 25

Top Location Fallujah 11

Top Type of Attak 6 Bombs/IEDs & 6 Roadside Bombs

# Of Killed 14

Civilians Killed 8

Policemen Killed 3

Soldiers Killed 3

Awakening Killed 0

# Of Wounded 25

Civilians Wounded 17

Policemen Wounded 2

Soldiers Wounded 6

Awakening Wounded 0

In March, things started picking back up again. There were 35 incidents leading to 84 deaths with Fallujah, 11, and Ramadi, 8, bearing the brunt of violence. The most prominent attack was on March 4 when Al Qaeda ambushed a military convoy that was escorting 48 Syrian soldiers back to their country. They, along with nine Iraqi soldiers were all killed. There were also a series of other attacks upon Anbari politicians and notables. March 2 a candidate for the provincial elections was wounded by a sticky bomb attached to his car. March 10 a district council member in Hit was assassinated in a drive-by shooting, while the head of the local council in Rutba was shotas well. March 19 Sheikh Hamid al-Hayes’ residence was hit by rockets. Al Qaeda felt so emboldened that it held an impromptu press conference in Ramadi, and addressed a crowd that had assembled there. In turn, the Anbar border guard announced the construction of a trench system along the Syrian border at the beginning of the month meant to impede the flow of fighters back and forth between the two countries. That might have been too late, as March would mark one surge in insurgent activity for the year. AQI was leading the charge with its headline grabbing murder of the Syrian soldiers. It not only showed sophisticated planning, but probably inside intelligence from the Iraqi government or security forces who tipped off the militants about the location of the bus that was carrying the foreign troops.

March 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 35

Top Location Fallujah 11

Top Type of Attak 15 Gunfire

# Of Killed 84

Civilians Killed 15

Policemen Killed 8

Soldiers Killed 9

Awakening Killed 1

# Of Wounded 27

Civilians Wounded 16

Policemen Wounded 10

Soldiers Wounded 0

Awakening Wounded 0

April was one of the high points for the anti-government forces. There were 72 attacks, 41 of which were in Fallujah, leading to a total of 62 fatalities. Civilians were the main casualties, but there were also the regular operations against officials and the security forces. April 1 there was a mortar barrage against an army base in Fallujah. April 14 the head of the municipal council in Fallujah was hit by a roadside bomb. April 17there was an assassination attempt against the Attorney General of Fallujah, and on April 27 the Deputy Director of the Anbar Police faced a similar attack. The vast majority of incidents in April however were small-scale ones against civilians, police, and soldiers. From April 21 to 28 for example there were 27 shootings across seven of those eight days with the main aim being to undermine the ISF. The growing violence in Anbar finally prompted the central government to announce a major operation in the province. That proved to be the first of many attempts by the authorities to secure the province. None proved to be effective however.

April 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 72

Top Location Fallujah 41

Top Type of Attak 41 Gunfire

# Of Killed 62

Civilians Killed 34

Policemen Killed 13

Soldiers Killed 13

Awakening Killed 2

# Of Wounded 71

Civilians Wounded 34

Policemen Wounded 27

Soldiers Wounded 7

Awakening Wounded 3

May was much deadlier with 71 attacks and 124 deaths. More than half of those were members of the police, 61, Awakening, 19, and military, 2. Unlike previous months these attacks were spread across Fallujah, Ramadi, Garmah, Hit, Qaim, and Rawa. May 6 there was a rocket attack upon an army base east of Fallujah. May 12 a member of the Awakening had his house bombed east of Fallujah. May 20 a candidate for the provincial elections was kidnapped, and an army base in Albu Ali Jassim was attacked. May 21the 8th Army Brigade north of Ramadi was hit by mortars. May 29a Federal Police station in Fallujah was assaulted. May 30 Governor Fahadawi faced a car bomb, while an army base in Rawa was mortared. Eight soldiers and 23 policemen were also kidnapped in four separate incidents. The most audacious attack was an attempt to storm Ramadi on May 18. Finally, AQI released a statement claiming that it was negotiating with tribal leaders in Anbar to get them to join the fight against the government. This all happened during The Ghost operation by the security forces, which deployed in the towns along the Syrian border. By the end of the month the government said it had cleared out the largest Al Qaeda camp in Anbar. This actually seemed to have an affect in disrupting insurgent activity the next month.

May 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 71

Top Location Fallujah 19

Top Type of Attak 38 Gunfire

# Of Killed 124

Civilians Killed 42

Policemen Killed 61

Soldiers Killed 2

Awakening Killed 19

# Of Wounded 116

Civilians Wounded 58

Policemen Wounded 20

Soldiers Wounded 31

Awakening Wounded 7

In June, Baghdad deployed additional forces to Anbar during the delayed provincial elections there. At the beginning of the month the Anbar Operations Command announced a new campaign in Rawa and Nukhaib. That’s an area that stretches across the middle of Anbar from the north by the Syrian border down to Saudi Arabia. Then in mid-June, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered 6,000 troops to the Syrian and Jordanian borders before the vote. The result was a small decrease in attacks from 71 in May to 51 in June. Fallujah again saw the most incidents, 17, but so did a number of the smaller towns in the governorate such as Hit, 3, Rutba, 3, Saqlawiya, 3, Garmah, 3, and Husaybah, 2. The number of people killed remained high at 75 including 32 police and 9 soldiers. To coincide with the balloting the mayor of Rasheed had a sticky bomb placed on his car on June 7. An Iraqiya candidate was hit by a roadside bomb in Ramadi on June 10. Three Mutahidun candidates were targeted in Hit on June 18 and 19. June 20 a suicide bomber attacked a vote counting center in Ramadi. Additionally, on June 21 a bridge in western Anbar was blown up, and there was an assault upon a 7thArmy Division base along the Syrian border involving car bombs and small arms fire. By the end of the month Al Qaeda’s front group the Islamic State of Iraq announced its own campaign in western Anbar focusing upon Hit, Rawa, and Qaim. The insurgents were not able to disrupt the elections, as the extra troops helped. At the same time, the militants showed resilience, and would reply with increased activity in July.

June 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 51

Top Location Fallujah 17

Top Type of Attak 21 Gunfire

# Of Killed 75

Civilians Killed 29

Policemen Killed 32

Soldiers Killed 9

Awakening Killed 1

# Of Wounded 52

Civilians Wounded 24

Policemen Wounded 21

Soldiers Wounded 7

Awakening Wounded 0


July saw the government and insurgents launch competing campaigns with the latter coming out on top. At the beginning of the month the ISF said that it was increasing activity down the Euphrates from Qaim along the Syrian border down to Ramadi along with continued operations in southern Anbar in the Nukhaib area. Then a new security campaign was announced for Ramadan. Part of this was the “Hell on Terrorism” operation by the Syrian and Jordanian borders by the Defense Ministry, the Anbar river police conducting operations in the marshes, and more talk of building security barriers in the border regions. These had no visible impact, as there were 72 attacks that month as Al Qaeda launched its “Soldiers Harvest” campaign. While the ISF was deployed on the outskirts of the province insurgents again hit the central areas of Fallujah, 24, Ramadi, 7, Amiriya Fallujah, 4, and Garmah, 4. That led to 76 deaths, 60 of which were soldiers and policemen. From July 14 to 20 for instance, there were a number of hit and run attacks upon the ISF in the governorate. In the battle between the government forces and their opponents, the insurgents appeared to have the upper hand in July. The increased security operations did seem to lead to a decrease in violence the next month however. 


July 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 72

Top Location Fallujah 24

Top Type of Attak 41 Gunfire

# Of Killed 76

Civilians Killed 23

Policemen Killed 29-38

Soldiers Killed 13-22

Awakening Killed 2

# Of Wounded 100

Civilians Wounded 32

Policemen Wounded 46

Soldiers Wounded 22

Awakening Wounded 0

There were only 48 incidents in August showing that the ISF operations that started in July might have been able to disrupt insurgent activity for a short period. Baghdad started the new Revenge of the Martyrs, which wasn’t focused upon Anbar initially, but then came to include the western regions of the province such as Jazeera, Qaim, Rutba, Akashat, and Husaybah. Fallujah and Ramadi remained the main targets for insurgents with 24 and 12 attacks respectively, while there were 57 deaths for the month. August 3 an army base east of Fallujah was hit by rockets. August 14 a soldier’s house was bombed. August 29 the chief of staff of the Anbar Operations Command was hit by a roadside bomb, and on August 31 an army base in Rawa was mortared. As in previous months the ISF’s gains in August were only temporary.

August 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 48

Top Location Fallujah 24

Top Type of Attak 17 Gunfire

# Of Killed 57

Civilians Killed 30

Policemen Killed 11

Soldiers Killed 16

Awakening Killed 0

# Of Wounded 76

Civilians Wounded 39

Policemen Wounded 28

Soldiers Wounded 9

Awakening Wounded 0

The inability of the government to maintain any momentum was shown in September. That month attacks went right back up to 71 leading to 71 deaths. Again, most of the attacks were in central Anbar including 21 in Fallujah, 15 in Ramadi, 5 in Amiriya Fallujah, and 3 in Garmah. Besides the regular attacks upon the security forces militants seemed emboldened by launching two concerted attacks upon Rawa and Ana, two towns just across from each other in northern Anbar on September 24. That included a bridge being blown up between Ana and Haditha, an assault upon downtown Ana with car and roadside bombs, and a combined attack on a 7th Army Division base in Rawa and the local police HQ in the city. There were many other additional incidents. There were two attacks upon the Amiriya Fallujah police station on September 1 and 6. The houses of policemen were bombed on September 4 and 14. Sheikh Mohammed al-Jumaili was assassinated on September 5. An oil pipeline near the Akkas field was blown up on September 7. A police station in Fallujah was attacked on September 17. There was an attempt upon the life of the deputy head of the provincial council on September 20, the head of the Sunni Endowment in Anbar on September 25, and Governor Diab on September 26. Besides the regular assaults upon the security forces and notables in Anbar, September saw a decided increase in the scope of the insurgent’s plans. That was shown by the attempts to take Rawa and Ana. While its been said that the militants have free reign along the border and desert regions of the province, attempting to take and hold towns was much different. This was one of the goals of the new Soldiers Harvest campaign of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

September 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 71

Top Location Fallujah 21

Top Type of Attak 31 Gunfire

# Of Killed 71

Civilians Killed 40

Policemen Killed 20

Soldiers Killed 2

Awakening Killed 9

# Of Wounded 94

Civilians Wounded 35

Policemen Wounded 42

Soldiers Wounded 8

Awakening Wounded 9

The pace of insurgent operations hit a high mark in October. That month there were 97 security incidents resulting in 134 killed, including 78 police and soldiers. As usual, Fallujah took the brunt of attacks with 35, followed by 21 in Ramadi, 8 in Rutba, and 5 in Amirya Fallujah. October 10 the SWAT command in Ramadi was attacked. October 16 a police station in Haditha and one in Ramadi were assaulted. October 17 Sheikh Hamid al-Hayes’ residence was targeted again. October 23 a bridge to Jordan was blown up. The most prominent events however were an attack upon downtown Fallujah on October 21, and on Rutba on October 22. As usual the ISF were reactive launching Operation Burn Terror on October 24 and Iraq Lionsin the western desert on October 27. 

October 2013 Security Incidents Anbar

Incidents 97

Top Location Fallujah 35

Top Type of Attak 54 Gunfire

# Of Killed 134

Civilians Killed 55

Policemen Killed 70

Soldiers Killed 8

Awakening Killed 0

# Of Wounded 132

Civilians Wounded 52

Policemen Wounded 53-57

Soldiers Wounded 23-27

Awakening Wounded 0

The inability of the Iraqi forces to stop Al Qaeda and other insurgent groups in Anbar has come under increasing criticism by politicians, the press, and sources within the ISF themselves. In June, a member of the Anbar provincial council claimed that the Iraqi police and army could not deal with militants out in the desert areas. That same month sources told Al-Mada that only two helicopters were patrolling the Syrian border in comparison to the Americans who used to have 30. The Deputy head of the provincial council Sadoun Abid Shalan told New Sabah that the ISF only operated for 1-2 days and then withdrew, which allowed insurgents to move right back in afterward. In July, Al-Mada quoted sources within the security forces that said there was little intelligence gathering along the border, and only 25% of the border guards were ever on duty allowing militants free reign to go back and forth between Anbar and Syria. In October the deputy head of the provincial council Salah Issawi said that the security forces could not contain the wave of attacks happening across the province, while the Iraqi press reported that local tribes were no longer cooperating with the government and reporting on militants. Sheikh Abu Risha claimed that arbitrary arrests were alienating Anbaris and allowing Al Qaeda to make a comeback. Comments like these have increasingly been made since the U.S. military withdrawal. Since then the ISF have stopped using the population based counterinsurgency tactics that proved so successful during the Surge. Instead they use hit and run tactics and mass detentions that leave large areas open to continued insurgent infiltration, and alienate the public. The futility of these types of operations are shown in Anbar where there have only been occasional decreases in attacks, while the overall number of security incidents and deaths have gone up since the beginning of the year.

Anbar is once again becoming a hotbed of insurgent activity. There were twice as many attacks in October 2013 as January and three times as many deaths. Not only that, but militants are becoming so emboldened that they have launched full-scale assaults upon police stations, army bases, government offices, and towns and cities. Much of this has been the work of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which is currently experiencing a resurgence. Part of this is due to Syria that has opened up new sources of funds, material, and manpower. That’s been the focus of the Iraqi forces, which routinely deploy to the border areas. However half or more of all of the security incidents this year have occurred in the heart of the governorate ranging from Hit to Fallujah. This is just like the 2004-2006 period when Anbar was a stronghold for various insurgent groups, and cities like Fallujah and Ramadi provided urban bases for them until the Awakening and the Americans were able to clear them out. That successful combination of military, tribal, and government forces is now sorely lacking. Most of the Awakening has joined the Anbar protest movement with only a few sheikhs still being aligned with Baghdad. There are even reports of tribes once again carrying out attacks. The government’s punitive and reactionary tactics are only making the situation worse. That’s shown in the demonstrations that have demanded the anti-terrorism laws now longer be used because they allow for warrantless arrests, and the release of prisoners. Without popular support, the ISF cannot collect intelligence from locals, which is crucial in anti-insurgent operations. Until the government forces adopt a new strategy they can’t begin to reverse the deteriorating security situation in the province.


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– “4 Policemen wounded in Falluja,” 5/2/13

– “4 Soldiers, officer killed, wounded in western Anbar,” 5/25/13

– “4 Soldiers wounded, 2 military vehicles set on fire east of Falluja,” 4/23/13

– “4 Soldiers wounded in western Anbar,” 5/13/13

– “/4/ soldiers wounded south of Fallujah,” 5/25/13

– “/4/ soldiers wounded west of Anbar,” 7/22/13

– “5 Shells hit military checkpoint in western Anbar,” 4/22/13

– “6 Civilians wounded in western Anbar,” 7/8/13

– “6 Mortar shell hit Falluja,” 1/13/13

– “/7/ civilians, killed and wounded including two children, north of Ramadi,” 9/12/13

– “21 soldiers and new Sahwa members killed and wounded east of Fallujah,” 5/23/13

– “An armed attack on a police station north of Ramadi,” 7/22/13

– “An army base attacked, north of Fallujah,” 1/28/13

– “An Army base hit by Katyusha rockets in Fallujah,” 5/6/13

– “An army regiment commander wounded and /3/ of his bodyguards killed and wounded northeast of Fallujah,” 10/2/13

– “An Army unit attacked by mortar shells in ramadi,” 5/21/13

– “Armed clashes in Falluja,” 6/10/13

– “Armed elements blow an Army officer’s house in Fallujah,” 8/14/13

– “Armed group blow up a house of awakening element east of Fallujah,” 5/12/13

– “Armed group bomb a house, an IED explode in Fallujah,” 4/3/13

– “Army forces kill a militant and arrested another in Anbar,” 5/20/13

– “Army headquarters under mortar fire west of Anbar,” 8/31/13

– “Army officer killed and two bodyguards wounded in the center of Fallujah,” 7/14/13

– “Army troops responded to an armed attack and kill 3 insurgents in Aljazeera area,” 7/17/13

– “A bodyguard of Anbar council’s head died of his wounds in Fallujah,” 9/14/13

– “A bomb explodes on an army patrol north of Fallujah,” 5/2/13

– “Bomb explosion on an army patrol south of Fallujah,” 3/11/13

– “A bomb targets the house of Director of Sunni Endowment in Anbar,” 9/25/13

– “A bomb targets the house of Director of Sunni Endowment in Anbar,” 9/25/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 2 Mortar shells hit the house of Chairman of Anbar’s Council in Ramadi,” 1/16/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 3 Soldiers killed in Falluja,” 1/25/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 5 killed, 3 wounded in Ramadi’s counting center’s blast,” 6/20/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 5 Policemen killed, wounded in Falluja,” 4/14/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 6 Border soldiers killed, wounded in western Anbar,” 7/13/13

– “BREAKING NEWS. 6 soldiers killed in a clash with protestors near the sit-in square in Ramadi,” 4/23/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 8 Policemen, civilians killed, wounded in Ramadi,” 9/1/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 10 Killed, wounded in Falluja,” 5/17/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 10 Military, policemen killed wounded in western Anbar,” 7/11/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 10 Policemen killed, wounded in Ramadi,” 8/22/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 11 Military, policemen killed in northern Anbar,” 7/11/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 16 Killed, wounded in Ramadi,” 5/18/13

– “BREAKING NEWS 17 Policemen, civilians killed, wounded in 2 suicide attacks northeast Ramadi,” 6/7/13

– “Breaking News—Anbar governor escapes assassination attempt,” 9/26/13

– “BREAKING NEWS. Anbar operations chief commander : kidnapping of 8 soldiers by gunmen west of Ramadi,” 5/18/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Anti terrorism officer killed in western Anbar,” 5/11/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Armed clashes in central and northern Ramadi,” 5/18/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Armed elements launch attack on Rutba,” 10/22/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Attorney General of Falluja assassinated,” 4/17/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Casualties of explosion in Falluja restaurant up to 21 killed, wounded,” 4/21/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Casualties of Rutba car bomb explosion increased up to 16 killed, wounded,” 10/22/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Casualties of western Anbar’s suicide attack increased up to 8 killed, wounded,” 10/25/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Chairman of Falluja Municipal Council escapes assassination,” 4/14/13

– “BREAKING NEWS, Clashes between army troops and gunmen west of Anbar,” 5/25/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Clashes between the military, gunmen north of Ramadi,” 5/20/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Clashes, bridge blown in western Anbar,” 6/21/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Clashes in Hadeetha in western Anbar,” 5/19/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Commander of SWAT forces escapes assassination attempt in Anbar,” 10/11/13

– “Breaking News—Five soldiers killed, another wounded in clashes near Ramadi Square sit-in,” 4/27/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Officer, soldier killed, 6 wounded in suicide attack in western Anbar,” 10/4/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Policeman killed, 6 wounded in Falluja,” 10/2/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Regiment commander escapes assassination south of Falluja,” 5/29/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Senior office wounded in western Anbar,” 5/18/13

– “BREAKING NEWS Soldier killed, 3 wounded northeast Ramadi,” 5/13/13

– “BREAKING NEWS. Toll of Nukhaib victims up to /6/ policemen and /8 civilians,” 6/5/13

– “A candidate (Iraqiya) escapes an assassination attempt in Ramadi,” 6/10/13

– “Car bomb exploded in Falluja wounding 3 policemen,” 4/17/13

– “Casualties resulted form west of Ramadi explosion increased up to 19 killed, wounded, 8/22/13

– “Chief of Garma Awakening killed, his bodyguard wounded in Fallujah,” 1/23/13

– “A child and his father injured south of Fallujah,” 7/13/13

– “Civilian injured in Fallujah,” 4/1/13

– “A civilian injured south of Fallujah,” 7/30/13

– “Civilian killed, 3 wounded north of Ramadi,” 6/24/13

– “A civilian killed, another civilian and a policeman wounded in Fallujah,” 1/13/13

– “A civilian killed another one injured east of Fallujah,” 10/4/13

– “A civilian killed ,another one injured southeast of Fallujah,” 7/10/13

– “A civilian killed another one wounded ,east of Fallujah,” 8/23/13

– “A civilian killed another wounded east of Fallujah,” 2/23/13

– “A civilian killed another wounded east of Ramadi,” 9/14/13

– “Civilian killed, another wounded in Fallujah,” 4/27/13

– “Civilian killed, another wounded in Fallujah,” 4/28/13

– “Civilian killed, another wounded in south-eastern Falluja,” 8/10/13

– “A civilian killed another wounded in Hit district of Anbar,” 2/11/13

– “Civilian killed east of Falluja,” 8/7/13

– “Civilian killed, his brother wounded east of Falluja,” 6/18/13

– “A civilian killed, his wife and two sons wounded east of Fallujah,” 8/20/13

– “A civilian killed in center of Ramadi,” 9/9/13

– “Civilian killed in Falluja,” 7/30/13

– “Civilian killed in Fallujah,” 4/21/13

– “A civilian killed in Fallujah,” 10/5/13

– “A civilian killed south of Fallujah,” 7/12/13

– “Civilian killed, two others wounded in two incidents in Anbar province,” 10/8/13

– “Civilian killed, woman, child wounded east of Falluja,” 7/20/13

– “Civilian wounded east of Falluja,” 2/8/13

– “A civilian wounded ,east of Fallujah,” 3/18/13

– “Civilian wounded in Falluja,” 4/26/13

– “Civilian wounded in Falluja,” 7/22/13

– “A civilian wounded in Fallujah,” 1/3/13

– “A civilian wounded ,south of Fallujah,” 9/6/13

– “Civilian wounded in southern Falluja,” 6/8/13

– “Civilian wounded in western Anbar,” 4/7/13

– “Civilian wounded in western Anbar,” 8/5/13

– “A civilian wounded ,south of Fallujah,” 9/6/13

– “Civilian wounded southeast Falluja,” 1/31/13

– “A civilian wounded southeast of Fallujah,” 2/6/13

– “A civilian wounded southeast of Fallujah,” 4/1/13

– “A civilian wounded southeast of Fallujah,” 4/30/13

– “Clashes between Federal police and gunmen north of Fallujah,” 4/27/13

– “Clashes between the military, gunmen in western Anbar,” 4/26/13

– “Clashes erupt in west of Anbar between Army and gunmen,” 10/1/13

– “Clashes renewed between Federal Police, gunmen north of Falluja,” 4/26/13

– “Death of a policeman south of Falluja,” 8/6/13

– “Detonation of a house belonging to a police officer south of Falluja,” 9/4/13

– “Director of terrorism-combating department in Fallujah survived from an assassination attempt,” 8/16/13

– “An explosive device targeting an army patrol south of Fallujah,” 4/15/13

– “Extensive military operation far west of Anbar province,” 10/27/13

– “Falluja explosion victims up to 11 killed, wounded,” 7/11/13

– “Federal Police headquarters north of Falluja attacked,” 5/29/13

– “Five policemen and civilians wounded in Anbar,” 3/14/13

– “Former police director killed by one of his bodyguards in Anbar,” 3/19/13

– “Former police officer assassinated in Falluja,” 10/9/13

– “Four gunmen killed, six arrested in western Anbar province,” 7/27/13

-“Four mortar shells hit a joint checkpoint in Anbar,” 3/19/13

– “Four policemen wounded in central Ramadi,” 1/3/13

– “Four soldiers injured in Fallujah,” 7/4/13

– “Gunman injured, 15 others arrested west of Anbar,” 10/6/13

– “Gunman killed, 2 policemen wounded in Falluja,” 8/26/13

– “Gunman killed in Fallujah,” 8/1/13

– “Gunman killed while planting an IED in Fallujah,” 10/8/13

– “Gunmen abduct five policemen in Anbar province,” 5/18/13

– “Gunmen assassinate police officer in Fallujah,” 7/22/13

– “Gunmen attack 2 checkpoint in Falluja,” 9/13/13

– “Gunmen attack a checkpoint in Fallujah,” 10/13/13

– “Gunmen attack police patrol in Fallujah, wound four including an officer,” 9/8/13

– “Gunmen blow grocery store in Falluja,” 9/10/13

– “Gunmen blow up policeman’s house in Anbar, kill a woman, and injure her child,” 10/24/13

– “Gunmen burn a soldier’s house and three cars in Fallujah,” 10/1/13

– “Gunmen detonate 3 houses, kill and wound five in Fallujah,” 7/22/13

– “Gunmen, Federal Police clash in Falluja,” 4/25/13

– “Gunmen kidnap a businessman in Fallujah,” 4/20/13

– “Gunmen kidnap a civilian in Fallujah,” 9/6/13

– “Gunmen kill a civilian in Fallujah,” 3/16/13

– “Gunmen kill a civilian in Fallujah,” 7/9/13

– “Gunmen kill a policeman in Fallujah,” 8/12/13

– “Gunmen kill two police and two civilians in Ramadi,” 3/6/13

– “Gunmen rob and burn a number of cars in west of Anbar,” 4/21/13

– “Haditha’s traffic police chief escapes an assassination,” 1/6/13

– “Headquarters Army’s First Division in north of Falluja mortared,” 2/2/13

– “House of Head of Anbar Salvation Council subjected to mortar attack,” 10/17/13

– “Injury of four people, including a policeman ,north of Fallujah,” 4/27/13

– “Interior Ministry staff killed and a civilian injured in Fallujah,” 5/25/13

– “Joint Operations announces the clash with an armed group and burn 7 vehicles in Anbar,” 9/19/13

– “A Katyusha rocket landed near the house of head of Anbar Inqadh Council,” 3/19/13

– “Killing and wounding /3/ policemen in Anbar,” 7/20/13

– “Man and his wife injured in Fallujah,” 10/1/13

– “Man, woman due to clashes in Fallujah,” 5/23/13

– “A member of National Security killed northern Anbar,” 3/6/13

– “A member of Sahwa forces killed in Ramadi,” 7/22/13

– “Military headquarters in western Anbar mortared,” 5/30/13

– “Military officer killed, 2 soldiers wounded in clashes in western Anbar,” 9/21/13

– “Military officer killed south of Falluja,” 6/1/13

– “Military officer wounded in western Anbar,” 10/14/13

– “Mortar shell hits checkpoint north of Falluja,” 4/3/13

– “Mortar shell hits headquarters of Anbar Operations,” 1/7/13

– “Mortar shells hit an army checkpoint east of Falluja,” 1/28/13

– “A mosque preacher killed east of Ramadi,” 6/15/13

– “Mosque’s Imam, Preacher killed in Ramadi,” 10/25/13

– “Motahidoon nominee escapes assassination in western Anbar,” 6/18/13

– “Neighborhood Mayor, civilian killed in Anbar,” 10/12/13

– “Nine armed men killed and two soldiers wounded soldiers west of Anbar,” 1/17/13

– “An officer and three policemen wounded in Ramadi,” 10/16/13

– “Officer killed, 2 soldiers wounded in western Anbar,” 4/15/13

– “Officer killed, 4 soldiers wounded east of Fallujah,” 8/12/13

– “Officer killed in western Anbar,” 4/14/13

– “Officer of Swat forces killed ,west of Anbar,” 7/29/13

– “Officer, soldier wounded in western Anbar,” 10/15/13

– “Oil Ministry employee killed in western Falluja,” 10/28/13

– “One civilian killed, another wounded in Fallujah,” 9/26/13

– “One civilian killed two others wounded in Fallujah,” 3/14/13

– “One killed, three wounded of SWAT elements in Fallujah,” 9/30/13

– “One officer, two policemen killed in clashes with gunmen near Syrian border,” 5/29/13

– “One policeman killed, an officer wounded in Fallujah,” 6/5/13

– “One policeman killed, another wounded, 11 suspects arrested in Fallujah,” 10/17/13

– “One policeman killed, two army elements wounded in Anbar,” 2/11/13

– “One soldier killed, another wounded in Fallujah,” 1/23/13

– “One soldier killed, two others wounded in Anbar province,” 5/26/13

– “Police: 12 Wounded resulted from car bomb exploded against motorcade of Anbar Governor,” 5/30/13

– “Police captain killed, a policeman injured in Fallujah,” 10/10/13

– “Police checkpoint attacked in Ramadi,” 6/14/13

– “Police chief of Hadeethah and one of his bodyguards injured west of Anbar,” 10/16/13

– “Police, gunmen clash in Falluja,” 8/20/13

– “A police high rank officer survives from an assassination attempt western Anbar,” 4/1/13

– “Police officer, a policeman killed in Fallujah,” 10/30/13

– “Police officer assassinated in Falluja, assassin arrested,” 8/1/13

– “Police officer assassinated in western Anbar,” 7/8/13

– “Police officer, his son wounded north of Falluja,” 3/16/13

– “A police officer killed and four policemen injured northeast of Ramadi,” 5/1/13

– “Police officer killed in Anbar province,” 3/20/13

– “Police officer, policeman and civilian killed in an armed attack in Fallujah,” 5/18/13

– “Police officer, policeman wounded in Falluja,” 6/18/13

– “Police officer seriously injured in Fallujah,” 10/3/13

– “A police officer survives from an assassination attempt in Fallujah,” 8/1/13

– “Police station in Ramadi is subjected to three consecutive suicide attacks,” 7/11/13

– “A police station under attack in Ramadi,” 10/16/13

– “Policeman and civilian seriously injured in Falluja,” 8/20/13

– “Policeman, civilian wounded east of Falluja,” 9/28/13

– “Policeman, civilian wounded in Falluja,” 5/26/13

– “Policeman, civilian wounded in Falluja,” 7/19/13

– “Policeman injured due to grenade attack in Fallujah,” 10/8/13

– “A policeman injured in Fallujah,” 10/28/13

– “A policeman injured west of Anbar,” 7/18/13

– “Policeman killed, 2 brothers wounded in Falluja,” 7/13/13

– “Policeman killed, 2 officers wounded in Falluja,” 6/2/13

– “Policeman killed, 2 wounded in western Anbar,” 7/20/13

– “Policeman killed, 3 policemen, soldier wounded in Amiriyat Falluja,” 9/1/13

– “Policeman killed, 3 wounded in western Anbar,” 7/10/13

– “A policeman killed, a civilian wounded ,center of Fallujah,” 7/9/13

– “A policeman killed and a civilian wounded south of Fallujah,” 9/17/13

– “A policeman killed , another one injured ,center of Fallujah,” 7/14/13

– “Policeman killed, another wounded in Anbar,” 9/14/13

– “Policeman killed, another wounded in center of Fallujah,” 8/26/13

– “Policeman killed, another wounded in Falluja,” 10/27/13

– “Policeman killed, another wounded in far western Anbar,” 9/24/13

– “Policeman killed, another wounded in Ramadi,” 7/28/13

– “Policeman killed, civilian wounded in Falluja,” 7/3/13

– “Policeman killed in Falluja,” 7/21/13

– “Policeman killed in Falluja,” 8/3/13

– “Policeman killed in Fallujah,” 10/13/13

– “A policeman killed in Ramadi,” 9/26/13

– “A policeman killed in Ramadi,” 10/25/13

– “Policeman killed in sniper’s fire in Falluja,” 4/21/13

– “Policeman killed north of Ramadi,” 9/26/13

– “A policeman killed south of Falluja,” 8/21/13

– “A policeman killed, south of Fallujah,” 10/16/13

– “A policeman killed ,three people, including a policeman, wounded center of Fallujah,” 1/2/13

– “A policeman wounded in central Ramadi,” 3/19/13

– “Policeman wounded in Falluja,” 4/6/13

– “Policeman wounded in Falluja,” 4/12/13

– “Policeman wounded in Falluja,” 7/3/13

– “Policeman wounded in Falluja,” 8/13/13

– “A policeman wounded in Fallujah,” 4/25/13

– “A policeman wounded in Ramadi,” 4/9/13

– “A policeman wounded in Ramadi,” 8/31/13

– “A policeman wounded in Ramadi,” 9/13/13

– “Policeman wounded in western Anbar,” 10/10/13

– “Policeman wounded south of Falluja,” 3/7/13

– “Protester wounded in Ramadi,” 8/8/13

– “A provincial elections candidate wounded in center of Fallujah,” 3/2/13

– “Al-Qaeda-Iraq Statement A Sign Of Rising Sectarian Violence,” Al-Monitor, 5/31/13

– “Ramadi/NINA/–A civilian killed and his brother wounded in an attack by silenced weapons carried out in Jbeil area south of Fallujah today,” 9/10/13

– “Sahwa forces official killed in east of Fallujah,” 5/1/13

– “A security source : mortar shells landed near a police station west of Anbar,” 10/16/13

– “Senior anti-terrorism officer escapes an assassination attempt in Ramadi,” 7/28/13

– “Senior Army officer escapes an assassination attempt in Anbar,” 8/29/13

– “A Senior Army Officer escapes an assassination attempt in Anbar,” 9/24/13

– “Senior officer escapes an assassination attempt in Fallujah,” 7/8/13

– “Senior police officer escapes an assassination attempt in Anbar,” 4/27/13

– “Senior police officer escapes an assassination attempt in Anbar,” 8/22/13

– “Sniper wounds three civilians in Fallujah,” 5/1/13

– “Soldier, civilian wounded in Fallujah,” 1/20/13

– “Soldier killed, 2 wounded in Falluja,” 1/5/13

– “Soldier killed, 2 wounded in western Anbar,” 10/3/13

– “Soldier killed, 2 wounded in western Anbar,” 10/4/13

– “Soldier killed, 4 wounded south Fallujah,” 10/5/13

– “A soldier killed and four others wounded northern of Fallujah,” 1/21/13

– “A soldier killed and two others injured in Ramadi,” 7/1/13

– “Soldier killed, another wounded east of Falluja,” 9/21/13

– “Soldier killed, another wounded in western Anbar,” 7/26/13

– “Soldier killed by sniper’s bullet in Fallujah,” 6/2/13

– “Soldier killed, soldier, policeman wounded south of Falluja,” 7/5/13

– “A soldier killed ,two others injured ,center of Fallujah,” 1/1/13

– “A soldier killed , two others wounded east of Fallujah,” 6/11/13

– “A soldier killed ,western Anbar,” 5/15/13

– “A soldier wounded east of Fallujah,” 5/1/13

– “Sticky bomb kills three civilians in Fallujah,” 8/24/13

– “A suicide car bomber kills one policeman, wounds four others in Anbar province,” 6/23/13

– “Ten bodies, two wounded abductees found in Anbar,” 5/20/13

– “Three civilians, wounded east of Fallujah,” 2/21/13

– “Three civilians wounded in Fallujah,” 8/20/13

– “Three federal policemen wounded east of Ramadi,” 5/1/13

– “Three mortar shells hit Iraqi Army Unit in Fallujah,” 2/3/13

– “Three people, form Karbala, kidnapped in Anbar province,” 5/18/13

– “Three police wounded in Ramadi,” 7/11/13

– “Three policemen injured in center of Fallujah,” 4/15/13

– “Three policemen killed, a fourth wounded in Fallujah,” 10/6/13

– “Three policemen killed west of Anbar,” 10/23/13

– “Three policemen wounded in Fallujah,” 7/4/13

– “Three policemen wounded in Ramadi,” 7/8/13

– “Three rockets hit Iraqi Army unit east of Fallujah,” 2/26/13

– “Three rockets hit an army camp east of Fallujah,” 8/3/13

– “Three rockets hit Iraqi Army unit east of Fallujah,” 2/26/13

– “Toll of victims of attempt to storm Fallujah Police Department up to two dead and five injured,” 10/21/13

– “Two Awakening elements killed, three federal policemen injured in Fallujah,” 4/25/13

– “Two border guards killed, two others injured due to attack on Iraq-Syria border in Anbar,” 10/3/13

– “Two civilians injured by IED’s explosion in Anbar,” 3/24/13

– “Two civilians injured by mortar shells west of Fallujah,” 7/12/13

– “Two civilians injured during attacking a police officer’s home in Ramadi,” 9/14/13

– “Two civilians injured southeast of Fallujah,” 5/14/13

– “Two civilians injured southeast of Fallujah,” 8/2/13

– “Two civilians injured southeast of Fallujah,” 8/7/13

– “Two civilians killed, a third wounded in Rutba, far west of Anbar,” 9/25/13

– “Two civilians killed when an adhesive roadside bomb went off in Fallujah,” 4/15/13

– “Two civilians seriously injured in Fallujah,” 3/9/13

– “Two civilians wounded east of Fallujah,” 6/12/13

– “Two civilians wounded in Ramadi,” 8/25/13

– “Two civilians wounded, southeast of Fallujah,” 10/10/13

– “Two elements of protection of Hamid al-Hayes in an armed attack in Ramadi,” 4/1/13

– “Two gunmen killed, a policeman wounded in South of Fallujah,” 10/6/13

– “Two gunmen killed after being held in a residential buildings in Fallujah,” 10/21/13

– “Two mortar shells fall inside an army unit northeast of Fallujah,” 4/1/13

– “Two mortar shells fall on military unit in Fallujah,” 1/12/13

– “Two mortar shells injuries six policemen in Rawa, west of Anbar,” 9/24/13

– “Two people wounded in Fallujah,” 5/24/13

– “Two people wounded in Fallujah,” 9/3/13

– “Two police wounded in Anbar province,” 9/2/13

– “Two police wounded in Fallujah,” 9/2/13

– “Two policemen, four civilians injured in two incidents in Ramadi,” 10/3/13

– “Two policemen injured ,central Ramadi,” 3/14/13

– “Two policemen injured in an armed attack in Fallujah,” 4/24/13

– “Two policemen injured north of Ramadi,” 10/12/13

– “Two policemen injured. North of Ramadi,” 10/26/13

– “Two policemen injured west of Falluja,” 3/13/13

– “Two policemen killed and a soldier injured west of Anbar,” 8/1/13

– “Two policemen wounded east of Fallujah,” 10/1/13

– “Two policemen wounded east of Ramadi,” 7/6/13

– “Two policemen wounded in Fallujah,” 8/18/13

– “Two policemen wounded northeast of Fallujah,” 2/11/13

– “Two soldiers injured east of Fallujah,” 10/16/13

– “Two soldiers injured, east of Fallujah,” 10/19/13

– “Two soldiers injured south of Fallujah,” 7/13/13

– “Two soldiers wounded in Fallujah,” 5/27/13

– “Two soldiers wounded in Fallujah,” 9/4/13

– “Two soldiers wounded ,south of Fallujah,” 8/15/13

– “Urgent … Clashes erupt between Army and insurgents in western Anbar province,” 9/8/13

– “Victims of Rawa suicide bombings 22 dead and wounded, including council’s members,” 10/20/13

– “Woman, her 2 daughters wounded east of Falluja,” 7/19/13

– “Woman killed her husband injured in Ramadi,” 8/8/13

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