Religious Cleric Supports YPG Over KDP

Welati reports that Sheikh Murshid Khaznawi, son of the killed Mashuq Khaznawi in his program Qiblename on the pro-PYD station Ronahi TV attacked the KDP-funded Kurdish parties and accused KDP-S leader Abdulhakim Bashar of treason after the YPG allegedly went after the head of the Sheikh Mashuq Khaznawi brigade in Qamishli which resulted it in a anti-PYD in Qamishli and Kobani.

The brigade iss affiliated to the KDP-funded Political Democratic Union (to Yekiti). Murshid supported the YPG and says Abdulhakim Bashar has no proof of YPG/PYD killing Nasruddin Birhec and Mashaal Temmo. On 11 January, the YPG allegedly raided the Newroz camp of the Sheikh Mashuq al-Khaznawi and martyr Farhad Mohammed Sabri brigades/batallions near Qamishli. Abdulhakim Bashar responded that he would not respond to the father of a martyr, but says there are video records of an YPG raid against the Sheikh Maqshuq Khaznawi brigade. Later Sheikh Murshid clarified his statements and indirectly apologized. In July 2012 in Cairo, Murshid al-Khaznawi responded to Arab tribal leader Nawaf al-Bashir who didn’t want the opposition to recognize Kurdish rights.