PYD SYRIA: Salih Muslim: All people including Barzani should help Western Kurdistan

WEST KURDISTAN, Rojhelat – 24.12.2012 –  Salih Muslim PYD leader after his travel to Baghdad in an interview with Dicle News Agency said: “his meeting with Nuri-al Maliki and Hushiyar Zebari was positive and constructive.

Muslim about the living situation of people in Western Kurdistan said: our people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. He also emphasized that even there wouldn´t be anything to eat, we will continue our resistance by eating leaves of trees.

Salih Muslim, the head of Democratic Union Party of Kurdistan (PYD) in an interview with Dicle News Agency said, he was invited by Jalal Talabani, the president of Iraq for some meetings in Baghdad, but due to the illness of Talabani, he met with the prime minister of Iraq, Nuri-al Maliki and foreign minister, Hushiyar Zebari.

About the details of his negotiation with Iraqi officials Muslim said:

The Iraqi government supports the Syrian regime not the opposition. They want a political solution to the Syrian crisis.” “If it would be necessary, the Syrian regime should be collapsed, but this country should not be ruined, PYD´s head continued. But, the opening of the borders was not the topic of our discussions with the Iraqi government; however they said they would help as much as they can about this matter. Muslim adds; The Kurdish High Council is the sole representative of Kurds in Western Kurdistan. Friends of Syria meeting will be held in Cairo, and if Kurds want to attend to this meeting, the High Kurdish Council will be sent.

When around one million and 200 thousands Kurds came to the streets and declared that the High Kurdish Council is our representative, we should respect to the will of people. Head of PYD reiterated.

Muslim about the living situation of people in Western Kurdistan said; the humanitarian situation in Western Kurdistan is grave and deteriorating. The storage of foods, oil and gasoline are scarce. Even maybe there wouldn´t be any agriculture, because agriculture can be done with machines and machines need fuel. Turkey closed borders and does not allow any exports and imports. According to the information we received, from southern Syria 50 fuel trucks were sent to Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan, but in the middle of the way, they were robbed by the armed groups and mercenaries. The purpose of these armed groups and mercenaries is to prevent the receiving of these assistances to the Kurds to put Kurds in a harsh condition.

Muslim, with mentioning to the severe economic sanction imposed on Western Kurdistan, stated; we continue our resistance. He emphasized that even if there wouldn´t be anything to eat and we have to eat leaves of trees, we will continue our resistance. In the end of his interview with Dicle News Agency Muslim said; 50 million Kurds are our supporters. In this situation, all, including Messud Barzani should not be silence. Barzani had said before that he will help to the people. Now it is time to accomplish his promise. We all are expecting his help and cooperation. PYD leader said.