PYD Arrest KNC-Linked Activists & Rebels

Allegedly some arrests of armed rivals of PYD recently. I haven’t seen any official statements of the PYD yet on this subject. Apart, from PYD-leader Salih Muslim saying they will launch a court case against the Azadi party for shedding Kurdish people’s blood. In Kobani there was a protest on 17 May calling for release of Sarwar Aladdin Bath, who was arrested some time ago. Moreover, a pro-KNC demonstration also called for release of KNC supporters.

Salih Muslim’s speech :

Blog Commentaries:

PYD officials confirm to media outlets that they have the right to question everyone & that “Asayish &YPG” are the only legal armed forces

One more Kurdish activist; Kadshin Serac a member of Shex Meshuq battalion was detained yesterday by PYD in Qamishlo …

The ongoing detaining operations by the PYD against their opponents caused outrage among KNC supporters. |Photo …

Serdar Qeri, Kurdish language teacher; detained by PYD forces in May 13, 2013. According to Yekiti he is accused of forming an armed group.

Several Kurdish activists have been detained by PYD forces in the past few days. #Syria

Yekiti Blames PYD For Kidnapping Yekiti-Member

Yekiti accuses PYD of arresting Yekiti-member Sardar Hassan in Tal Maruf. Incident not reported in media close to PYD.

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Courtesy: Transnational Middle East Observer