20 October 2013 15:51 – Yesterday morning around 05.00 ISIL kidnapped 24 Kurdish civilians from the village Qetîne which is located 6 km south of Serê Kaniyê (Ras al-Ayn). Several homes were looted and burned to the ground. After several hours 20 hostages were released. Yûsif El-Nûrî, Hemê Ibrehîm, Ehmed Qedûr and Xalid Sadiq remain in captivity. Qetîne is a pre-dominantly Kurdish village.

Free Municipality in Hesekê

 20 October 2013 15:15 hawarnews – HESEKÊ – Free Municipality of Hesekê that was established on September 2, started its public services.

People Assembly of Hesekê established the Free Municipality because the previous one, Syrian Municipality, was not working due to the civil war.The new municipality opened its first center in Til Hecer neighborhood. There are 21 people now working in the municipality some of whom are Arab residents working with Kurds to clean the streets, parks and lights on the ways. Members of the municipality stated that now they are working in Til Hecer, Miftî, Salihiye, Nasra and Kelase neighborhoods and will serve the remaining neighborhoods as soon as possible.