PYD REPORT : On the ground activities in western Kurdistan & Syria / Wednesday, 23 October 2013

People Protection Units (YPG) campaign

Media center for the people protection unit, YPG, issued a statement about the bombing carried out by armed groups in Demhat martyr camp outside Tirbespîyê. Two YPG members lost their life, together with two members of a cultural association, one civilian from northern Kurdistan (southeast Turkey) and one civilian from west Kurdistan (northern Syria).

The statement assured that YPG are capable to push back all attempts of aggression against our people and that they will prevail.

The statement added that this was a desperate attempt since the radical islamist groups experienced heavy losses during the Eid celebration.

“We emphasize again that we are able to break down all these attempts which are targeting our people and we are going towards victory” the statement concluded.

Armed groups affiliated to Islamic State of Iraq and Sham & Al-nusra front

Sere Kanye (Ras al Ayn) – The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) and the Al-nusra front attacked Alqutaina village and kidnapped 24 civilians, brutally tortured them, stole and vandalized property of the people in the village on Saturday.

Efrin (Afrin) – YPG killed 11 ISIS members in Qastal Jindo village and 2 others around Mariamin village.

Gere Spi (Til Ebyed) – 2 ISIS members were killed in clashes around Avdiko village. Meanwhile, the mercenary groups shelled Girê spî with heavy artillery.

Shame wall between western Kurdistan (northern Syria) and north Kurdistan (Southeast Turkey)

Qamishlo – Condemning the shame wall between Rojava and north Kurdistan which is getting built by AKP Turkish government, thousands of Kurds from Qamishlo and Nusaibin city have walked down toward the boarder. They have assured that they don’t approve of the wall and the Kurdish people will never be seperated. While the Kurdish people were walking towards the boarder in Nusaibin city, the Turkish police confronted them be teargas and water cannons to disperse them.

Hundreds of people come back to their home in Rojava

Efrin (Afrin) – In the recent days, hundreds of people have come back from Turkey to the Efrin region due to dire living conditions.

It is noteworthy that they mentioned that they were blackmailed by Turkish army guards and smugglers together. Turkish guards refused to let them through the border and smugglers were asking them for money to let them cross.

Cultural & educational activities

Gerke Lage – The civil society movement held its first establishing meeting in Gerke Lage and Rumilan.

The movement consisted of: Teachers union, SZK (Kurdish Language Institution), contractor union, health council, real estate dealers, and shops owners. The meeting ended with the election of three persons to coordinate their activities.

Tirbespîyê (al Qahtaniye) – SZK held a meeting with regards to enter the Kurdish language into the preparatory and secondary school curriculum.

The art and education institution organized a seminar about education, specifically woman’s right to education. Dozens of women attended the seminar.