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10.12.2012 – Aleppo tragedy

Aleppo – electricity has become but a dream for the poor neighborhoods of Aleppo and especially the neighborhoods which house displaced people, where energy consumption a. Shex Meqsud and Ashrefye are two examples where two third of the people are experiencing darkness since 40 DAYS. The region has witnessed a dramatic rise in the prices of gas and diesel.

Sources of providing Energy to Aleppo

According to experts, Aleppo City consumes about 700 – 1000MW of electricity per day. The people are depended on two main resources, the first being the thermal station which was defected and came out of service after the free army targeted gas lines coming from Deir al-Zour City. This station produces 1700 megawatt per day..

The other source is Tishreen dam, which used to produce 700-mega watt and has dropped to half that number since it came under the control of the free army.

So as mentioned above, Aleppo city currently consumes 400 WATT instead of 1000 watt; these circumstances forces the electricity corporations to apply a rationing policy which extend to 15 hours in the poor neighboorhoods and seven to those under the control of the Syrian regime.

The dramatic rising of the power prices in Aleppo

Kurdish neighborhoods are suffering from high  prices of energy as a result of the  lack of electricity. In Kurdish neighborhoods the price of gas cylinders jumped from 1500 pounds to 5000 pounds in a period of one month and also diesel prices went up to 130 pounds despite of the abundance of mobile tank stations. This forced the people to bring about new methods to create other energy sources namely, energy clip “remnants of the sewing workshops” which also doubled their prices.

Medicine and drugs crisis in the Pharmacies of Kobane

Kobani – as a result of the security conditions in the Syrian cities and because of the intensified fighting between the regular army and the armed opposition in the Syrian cities, a majority of the factories where the medicines are produced are closed. And on top of these factories, those located in the cities, “Aleppo, Damascus and Homs” which are abandoned by the majority of its population, including medical staff and workers in the pharmaceutical plants, in addition to the lack of the necessary raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, there are acute shortages of drugs, which has severely affected life of people in general including the health of the citizens.

Deaths among armed groups during the assault on a neighborhood in SereKanye

SereKanye –  Firat news agency repoprter said , that  armed groups attacked the market neighborhood located on the road to Hasakah at 1.30  am yesterday . The Peoples Protection Units (YPG) responded  to these groups and removed them from the neighborhood.  Clashes occurred between the two parties, which continued until 5.00 in the morning. There have been a number of deaths and injuries among the armed groups.

Derek .. Military security turns into a center for training and educating women

Derek – after the liberation of the city of Derek from the symbols of the Syrian regime, Kurdistanian people began to transform centers and security institutions of the system to training centers for the citizens within the project of democratic self-governance.

Union Star in Derek transformed a military security center to a woman center where women can receive the best education and where they can do many activities. These newly born social and historical centers were built in the past to suppress the will and freedom of the peoples of the region.

Armed group kidnapped six kurdish citizens in Qamisli city

An armed group kidnapped six kurdish citizens yesterday, four of the kidnapped are originally from Girbawy city and two are from Antarya district.

The names of the kidnapped are: Imad Mahmood and Ferhan Mahmood, who are brothers, Hejar Bosky Mohammed ,Nidal Abde Hussein,Firas Bedran,and Sipan Hebesh.

Four villages in Tirbespîyê constitute their common popular councils:

In the context of building a democratic self-managed society, representing the will of the people in the western Kurdistan and Syria, kurdistanian people (people devoted to the Kurdish issue) there continue the formation of popular councils in towns and villages. The aim is to organize society and to make it able to manage itself. Villages that have been forming their popular board are Karki, Kondk and Arbashah in the area of ​​Elian’s in Tirbespîyê.

Kurdish citizens killed in Hasaka by Syrian security patrol

Firat news agency reporter said thar the Syrian security have yesterday after midnight fired live bullets at a car of a Kurdish citizen Hussein Ali Haseeb, causing him to lose his life as a result of his gunshot wounds. The Kurdish citizen Hussein Ali Haseeb was born in Hasaka in the year 1979.

Clashes between armed groups, mercenaries and residents of Almanager village

Sere Kanye – Local sources reported that clashes took place between the Peoples Protections Units, YPG, and armed groups of mercenaries on the outskirts of the Serekanye city and residents of  Almanager village located on the road between Serekaniye and Tel Temer. The clashes erupted after YPG stopped the armed groups mercenaries from stealing grain in grain silos in the village.


Sources pointed out that the clashes are still ongoing between armed groups, mercenaries and residents of the village who are defending their village and their livelihood, which is considered the property of the people.

Kobani – Opening Asaish center in the village of Kara Guo

Kobani -In order to continue the application of the self-management democracy on the ground, and to maintain safety and security in the Kurdish regions, a new center for Asayesh (Police station) was opened yesterday in the village of Kara Guo, located west of the city of Kobani. The new center is expected to protect the region from dealers and reduce abuses, which occur due to the fact that the village is located on the Turkish border.

Aleppo: water was cut in two-thirds in some districts and parents resort to rainwater

Aleppo – Aleppo experienced a water shortage in most neighborhoods, especially the southern and western ones, after the water pumps which operates on electric power stopped working  in the eastern part of the city.The residents resorted to collecting rain water as a source of water supply to meet basic necessities.

The power shortages increased the suffering of the people who are fatigued by a series of crises, which began with electricity and bread and ended with the dramatic lack of water.

Thus there were a number of districts in Aleppo which experienced an interruption in the water supply yesterday. Today two-thirds of the city remained without water, at the same time both the districts of Sheikh Meqsud and Ashrefye experienced a complete termination of water supply yesterday evening.

Under the Name of “Bridging nip sedition in the island” Qamishlo Components Held a Meeting

Qamishlo – under the slogan “Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians and Armenians are partners in history and land and fate” the Arab National Authority organized a consultative meeting in the Zohrabian lounge in Qamishlo. The goal of the meeting was to put different views and topics of interest to all of the components, to maintain civil peace and to assert the necessity of rejection of sectarianism and to promote brotherhood between all components.

Among the attendees were diplomatic relations committee in the Higher Kurdish Council, and the organization of the Union Star in Qamishlo, and Syriac Union Party, and the People’s Party will, and youth Syria mother, and the popular initiative of protecting civil peace.However the regular meetings, especially those initiated by the Commission on relations in the Higher Kurdish Council, helped to make all the different ingredients in the region    to understand what is happening in their areas, including the different attempts to tamper with and sabotage their area. The meeting concluded that the peoples and the different components had lived with each other through history. The most important thing for them should be brotherhood and peaceful co-existence.

Asayish grab the 11 motorcycle thief in Girke Lege

Girke Lege – Asayish Forces in Grke lege have recently arrested a thief of motorcycles after a period of investigation and search. Thus after apprehending him, he  received the appropriate judgment . Sources said that the Asayish recieved many complaints from inhabitants about  thefts that occurred in Girke Lege and its neighboring villages.

Aleppo – gas cylinder become more expensive than grams of gold and a liter of diesel reaches 240 pounds. Different energy sources have experienced an unprecedented rising of prices in the city of Aleppo. And for the first time the price of a gas cylinder is more expensive than a  gram of Gold , as the price of gas cylinder reached to 4,500 Syrian pounds while the price of 21 gram carat gold is 4050 Syrian pounds.

These rising prices of energy resources are attributed to the cut off of the power that the people of Aleppo used to use for heating and cooking. After a break of three days gasoline prices and fuel oil jumped to its highest level, as the price of a liter diesel reached to 240 pounds today, and the price of gasoline went up to 200 pounds

Mercenary armed groups ordered the execution of three people in Sere Kanye

Serekamiye – Khidr Abbas Owusu, who was detained by the armed groups of mercenaries on the way between Sere Kanye – Hasaka reported that those groups ordered the excecution of him and two other persons while adding that one of the two kidnapped persons was called Ashraf while he could not get the name of the other person.

Formation of the Popular Council and necessary committees in villages west of Kobani

Kobani – as a continuation of the application of the democratic self-management in the cities and regions of western Kurdistan, the Democratic Society Movement held a meeting in the village of Jarqulai- west Kobani, with a vision the formation of the People’s Council and necessary committees which are supposed to manage the daily affairs of the citizens and to organize a an appropriate election for the administrative members for the committees.

The disappearance of the boy “Ayaz Khalifa” fetching bread for his family

Qamishlo – Ayaz Mustafa Khalifa’s family reported that their fourteen year old son have disappeared since yesterday after he went early in the morning to the bakery to bring bread for his family.

People’s House distributes aid to people displaced from Sere Kanye

Derbassiyeh – The committee set up by the People’s House in the city of Derbassiyeh, which task it is to take care of the affairs of the displaced, have distributed aid and assistance provided by the United Nations Organization. They sponsor internally displaced people from the war in Sere Kaniye,

The families which fled to Derbassiyeh after the last attack on Sere Kaniye, gathered in the People’s House and received different formsof aids including bed and blankets and detergents. Each family received help according to the number of its members.

Democratic Society Movement assess current events in Syria and Western Kurdistan

 In a statement to the public opinion, the Executive Body of Democratic Society Movement in western Kurdistan, affirmed the following:

1 – The Syrian Regime is primarily responsible for the current situation, with its systematic policy of violence and killing civilians without any distinction.

2 – Concern of departure from the Syrian revolution amid growing external interventions, especially the Turkish state and the spread of radical Islamic groups. They emphasize the need to move away from the use violence and to return to peaceful means in order to overthrow the totalitarian Baathist regime.


3 – The statement evaluated the reaction toward the National Coalition for uniting the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition, positively. It is an important step to unify the ranks of the opposition forces. However it criticized the position of the coalition on the Kurdish issue, and called it to recognize the rights of the Kurdish people within a federal pluralistic parliamentary democracy, and called for the need of representation of the Kurdish people in the coalition. It called for the recognition of the Supreme Kurdish council as the legitimate representative of the Kurdish people in Syria.

4- The results of the meetings held by the Supreme Kurdish Council in Hawler with the leaders of South Kurdistan, is a positive step to complete the Kurdish national unity and to remove obstacles. It affirmed their commitment to the decisions of the Convention in Hawler and stated that they would make every effort in order for it to be applied on the ground.

5- Considering the attacks on Sere Kaniyê as continuity of the attacks that have occurred in Shekh Meqsud and Ashrafieh and Qustul Jendo village  in Afrin, which targeted the free will of the Kurdish people and its gains in the Syrian revolution. It criticized the attempt by chauvinistic forces in the opposition to impose slavery on the Kurdish people. The statement saluted the heroic resistance of the masses of the Kurdish people and the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) and welcomed their response to armed groups that tried to occupy the Kurdish areas. The statement called the armed groups remaining in some of the outskirts of Sere Kaniyê to honor their commitment to withdraw from those places, and leave the city to its own inhabitants. They also called for a solution within the formation of a board that includes all nationalities and denominations of the city, and wanted to invite all the Kurdish people of various trends of political communities to come together in order to cleanse the city of Sere Kaniyê of these groups. The statement considered these armed groups a threat to the Kurdish identity of Sere Kaniyê.

6-Emphasizing that after a year and nine months of the revolution a new situation has emerged in Syria generally, and in West Kurdistan especially. This is because armed opposition forces control a wide range of the country, particularly in rural areas of the border provinces, and the Syrian regime continues to tighten its control over a section of the country, particularly in urban centers. Meanwhile the Kurdish areas are liberated and controlled by the Kurdish population. So there are three forces having control on the ground, and  all political forces  must  take this new reality into account during the handling of the new political situation in Syria.

7 – considering the economic problems the most important and the most serious challenges facing the western regions of Kurdistan are particularly the acute shortage of food and fuel and permanent electricity drop. Lack of water and lack of social services, which is a result of the blockade imposed on Kurdish areas by regime forces and armed groups of the opposition forces, in addition to the emergence of gangs roaming the roads. The statement suggested a strong self-reliance as one of the best solutions to these problems, and in this context the meeting criticized  closure of the border with South Kurdistan by Kurdistan authorities which put obstacles in the way of border trade.

8 – Valuing Asayish (police) efforts in maintaining the security of citizens and imposing stability on the Kurdish areas on a voluntary basis without charge, the meeting expressed its concerns about the attempts of external forces to destabilize the Kurdish areas with anti-Kurdish plans. The statement suggested that the announcement of some armed groups of mercenaries shows that they are financed from abroad as a part of the conspiracy scheme drawn by some external forces on the Kurdish people. It is all effort to block the above mention attempts.

9 – It emphasized the need for the current administration in the Kurdish areas, as it is representing sovereignty and an alternative to the government system in the region.  It called all organizations and parties and social events to provide support and assistance to this administration and to accept its legitimacy in the management of the area, especially with respect to security issues and protection of the lives of citizens and their property. It welcomed the establishment of institutions of civil society in the cities of west Kurdistan, which falls under the roof of all unions and organizations and social institutions, in order to provide services to all segments of society. It called on the promotion of the self-management system in the western regions of Kurdistan as a model in other regions of the country.

10 – Considering the teaching the Kurdish language in public schools as a result of the sacrifices and efforts of the Kurdish youth, and a victory for the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan. Valuing the Foundation of the Kurdish language and inviting them to work on the development of Kurdish language and calling the educational staff to serve in the remaining schools and to provide books needed for pupils.

Kobani .. Salman Al Farsi battalion of the Umayyad Brigade kidnap, rob and requests ransom

Kobani – in a new episode of looting and kidnappings committed by armed groups, Salman Farsi battalion from Umayyad Brigade have abducted – on the road to Aleppo – a number of Kurdish drivers. And after that, the battalion has requested a ransom from the families of the kidnapped drivers.

Lack of fuel impedes the teaching process in Tirbespîyê city:

Tirbespîyê-Due to lack of fuel, particularly diesel, and the difficulty of movement, teachers stopped going to the villages of the city of Tirbespîyê, saying that there is  lack of transportation and that it was too costly. This has left the students without learning and forced residents of the village to go to the People’s House in Tirbespîyê city complaining on teachers to find a solution for them.

Mercenary armed groups steal all medical instruments in a Sere Kaniye hospital:

Sere Kaniye -A private source reported to Firat news agency that the armed groups that exist in some parts of the city has stolen most of the medical instruments in the main hospital, and sabotaged the remaining tools.

The source quoted the armed groups stole:

“Four endoscopy devices, four washing machines, sterilization tools, emergency drugs, surgeries tools, a device to generate electricity for the hospital, electrical appliances from the warehouse, most devices of the intensive care unit, anesthesia reservists and tools from the emergency department.”

After the armed groups entered Sere Kanye city on the 8th of November, they began stealing public and private property, their members robbed most of the houses located in the neighborhood of the station and some houses in the neighborhood of Sardasht by Hasaka.

In a related story Firat news agency correspondent reported that the armed groups had emptied silos containing grains, located in the neighborhood of the station. Sources reported to Firat news agency that armed groups have transferred stocks of wheat to Turkey and a large part of it to Tel Abyed city.