PYD & Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria will be working together

Monday, 23 September 2013  hawarnews – QAMIŞLO – Executives of Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria met in Qamişlo and decided to establish committees to do shared works.

Aldar Xelîl, Îlham Ehmed, Ebdulselam Ehmed, Hekem Xelo who are members of Kurdish High Council and co-chair of PYD Asya Abdullah, Cemal Şêx Baqî who is an executive of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, member of political buero Ebdulmecîd Sebrî, and members of the central committee Cemal Hemo, Fethulah Hiso and Mîro Mîro attended the meeting.

After the two hours lasting meeting, the attendee released a shared statement about the meeting and stated that two parties will work together in some cases.

It is also stated that Rojava is a main part of Syria and nobody can reach a solution for Syria’s problems if representatives of Rojava are excluded from Geneva Conference.They also draw attention to gangs’ attacks which supported by Turkey on Rojava and called on all parties in Rojava to be united against the attacks. The following decisions are made during the meeting:

·         Parties will work on a shared perspective on Kurdish, Kurdistan, regional and international aspects.

·         It is necessary for Kurds to be united and Kurdish High Council should be supported to work actively

·         It is necessary for all entities to take place in temporary administration to be formed in Rojava

·         It is necessary to protect Kurds’ gains in Rojava

·         Parties should support and strengthen the work to be done together.