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23.9.2012 – On the Ground Activities in West Kurdistan /  Field activities in western Kurdistan

Assassination of the Kurdish national council’s general secretariat member. – Democratic union party condemns the assassination

The democratic union party has issued a statement addressing the public opinion condemning the assassination of the general secretariat member of the Kurdish national council Mahmud Wali, Abu Jandi; as well offering his family and relatives condolences.

The statement included ‘we received with deep sadness and sorrow the news of the assassination of the general secretariat of the Kurdish national council wishing the bereaved forgiveness and mercy and wishing his family courage and patience to bear the loss; as we also condemn all kinds of killings whatever the reasons are. We have no doubt that those brute hands which assassinated Mr. Abo Jandy are not welling the Kurdish people any good and try to create an atmosphere of skepticism and confusion within the Kurdish society and the Kurdish rank  especially in this sensitive stage, where all Kurdish parties and forces are unified under the umbrella of the supreme Kurdish committee’

We are all hope that the Kurdish people would abide by the necessary awareness and cautious in such a sensitive stage where a bunch of persons started to cast accusations in all directions of which our party.

We believe that the Kurdish supreme committee’s investigation would be able to uncover the truth.

Al-Arabiya channel is second copy of the Syrian channel Al-Duniah

The democratic union party’s statement reveals how the crime was conducted.

Some arab channels supported by the golf countries which are hostile to the Kurdish people in general and the democratic union party in particular has launched a campaign aiming at defaming the Kurdish people and to create discord and unrest in the Kurdish areas as the Saudi Arabian channel al-Arabiya published an article on its website accusing the democratic union party standing behind the assassination of the political activist Mahmud Wali.

In response to such allegation the democratic union party issued a statement revealing circumstances of the incident and the party’s position.

The statement states ‘the political activist Mahmud Wali was assassinated yesterday in front of the local council’s office of the Kurdish national council in Sarre Kaniye (Raas Alaain) the people of the city , civil security units and security forces (Assaish), which is formed by the supreme Kurdish committee, started  to put roadblocks on the roads and launched a search operation to catch the perpetrator’

‘He was assassinated in front of the Kurdish national council’s local council office I a crowded and lively street by a bare-faced unknown person as he fired some bullets killing Mahmud Wali then he walked away; one of the bereaved relatives fire some shots on the air using the bereaved gun allowing the perpetrator fleeing the crime scene, while some other guys tried to aim at him but were hindered by some relatives of the bereaved saying that they want catch him alive and not dead’

The people who were there while took place know how it happened in details.’

On our part as a party, we spared no effort and tried hard by all available means and by mobilizing our committees and organizations in an attempt to capture the perpetrator; while we were surprised by AL-Al-Arabiya, which is supposed to be neutral news channel broadcasting a report saying that they have known form sources that the Kurdistan Workers Party has killed Mahmud Wali. Such a hostile policy from those channels side indicates that there is no difference between the two Syrian news channels Al-Akhbariya and AL-Duniah and Al-Arabiya’s mentality; as if they were twins. We know that there is not neutral media but they are supposed to be objective in dealing with news and their broadcast.

Ardogan has said it clearly that the formation of the Kurdish supreme committee is not proper and apposite and must not continue to exist!!?

As the Kurdish area has become an example to be followed; as it proved to be a successful and appropriate project  which has become the target for all authoritarian regimes such as Al-Baath and the Turkish ones.’

We do not rule out that they try by all means to strike a blow against the self-administration project after people started to express their support and admiration for the project.

Again we do condemn what has been broadcasted by Al-Arabiya and we refute it fully and we regarded as a part of bigger scheme targeting the Kurdish unity’

Democratic union party’s activities

Meetings with a number of ambassadors to the united nations in Genève.

Democratic union party’s delegation including Zuhat Kubani and Sherwan Hassan met with a number of ambassadors to the United Nations in Genève.

The delegation met with the Papal ‘Vatican’ ambassador, minorities and human rights official in Cyprus embassy, Red Cross official in the Middle East for security and social services, human rights official in the Spanish embassy and both the Brazilian and Ecuadorian officials as well.

The discussions were concentrated on the difficulties facing the international organizations to offer aid and help in different parts of Syria. As they also discussed Kurdish areas needs for logistic, educational and medical aid, services and the necessity of delivering humanitarian aid to all Syrian people.

Mrs. Marria Khaddinkah the Russian official in charge of the Syrian file to the United Nations expressed the necessity of a visit to be by the Kurdish supreme committee to meet with the Russian officials and to discuss the possibility of holding a n international conference about the Kurdish question in Moscow.

The repercussions of the Syrian crisis.

One woman was killed and another was wounded by an artillery bullet on Aleppo’s road

A Kurdish woman named Sanaa Abdulah Baker was killed as her cousin Mustafa Zakki Mohammed and his son were injured while heading to Genders nearby Herritan which is located on the main road between Aleppo and Efrin as a result of an artillery bullet fired by the Syrian army during clashes between the Syrian army and the free Syrian army.

The driver of Al-Rafidain Tourist Company and his assistant were injured

Al-Rafidain Tourist Company driver and his assistant were heavily injured as their lorry was hit by an artillery shot.

According to Firat News Agency the lorry which owned by Al-Rafidain Tourist Company was heading from Qamishlo to Aleppo and was hit by an artillery bullet causing heavy injuries to both the Driver Afram and his assistant Imad Melke Afram.

While different sources say that targeting Lorries and Busses has been heavily in increased recently and after the Syrian crisis began.

Homes: the Kurdish soldier was killed by the free Syrian army.

According to informed sources said that the Kurdish soldier ‘ Hamza Kamal Abdu’ was killed while serving mandatory military service in the Syrian army in Homes. His father said that he was killed by a sniper bullet in the head while in a guarding shift in a military zone in Homes, he also added that his son had tried many times to defect but did not succeed. It is worthy to mention that Hamza was born in ‘Qurt Qulaq’ village in Efrin.

the fate of the political and human rights activist Midia Shakir Abdo is unknown.

The Syrian human rights organization MAD has issued a statement about the unknown fate of the political and human rights activist Midia Shakir Abdo. The statement said’ the fate of the political and human rights activist Midia Shakir Abdo the president of the MAD human rights organization and the defender for the political detainees is still unknown after her was raided by the Military Security Forces on the pretext of her sisters sons Welat and Agid were defected from the Syrian army.

The organization demands know where the lawyer Midia Shakir Abdo is as well as the fate of all political detainees.