PYD cantons illegitimate, say Syrian Kurdish parties

World Bulletin – 27-2-2014 – The cantons are illegitimate and they do not represent the Kurdish people in the region, the leader of Kurdish Azadi party in Syria said.

The three cantons declared by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in January in northeastern Syria are neither legitimate, nor do they represent all Kurdish people in the region, leader of Kurdish Azadi Party in Syria, Mustafa Juma said on Thursday.

Jumaa told an Anadolu Agency correspondent that the PYD established the autonomous cantons of Cizire, Afrin and Kobani without approval from other Kurdish parties in Syria,

He noted that they would be meeting with Iraqi and Turkish political parties to share their concerns about the cantons, and said that they already met with the officials of Goran Movement, Ayende and Zahmet Kesani Kurdistan parties in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, and Kurdish parties of PDK-I and PDK in Iran.

Spokesman of Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria (al-Parti), Nuri Brimo, said that the 11 parties under the umbrella of Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria (Kurdnas) are acting together with the Syrian national coalition. “What we want is a federal Syrian government. However, PYD is acting on its own. They collaborate with the regime, and do not allow other parties to operate in the region,” he said.

Secretary General of the Syrian Kurdish Union Party, Ibrahim Bro, claimed that the constitution of the canton governments do not include any articles which would benefit Kurds. “PYD does not work for the Kurds. They only work for themselves. The decisions they take single-handedly damage the image of Kurds,” he said. “When we joined Geneva II under the umbrella of Syrian National Coalition (SNC), PYD issued a statement that did not represent Kurds. Unfortunately, they see themselves as the sole representatives,” Bro added.

Meanwhile, 11 parties under the umbrella of Kurdnas issued a joint statement to declare that the cantons declared by PYD are not legitimate, and do not represent Syrian Kurds. Syrian Kurdish parties met with Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) leader Massoud Barzani last week to discuss their concerns about the situation.Barzani said that they could only accept a political formation that includes all sides. “The one thing we would approve in the Kurdish-majority region of Rojava in Syria is the common voice of the people,” he said.