PUTIN’S CRIME : Not Less than 27 Medical Centers Shelled by Russian Forces since Its Intervention / FIRST DETAILED REPORT


The Grozny Holocaust in Aleppo

27 Medical Centers Shelled

I- Introduction and Methodology

Russian officials, represented by either its ambassador at the UNSC or its minister of Foreign Affairs, that its forces did not commit war crimes in Syria since its military intervention started. They believe that all these accusations are mere media propaganda and falsified and spurious information by enemies which what is being restated by the Syrian regime since March 2011. When SNHR met the Russian mission at the UNSC, we asked them to take the reports that document and discuss the war crimes seriously and to investigate those allegations especially that the aviation force is not owned by either ISIL or the Syrian opposition.

Since the Russian intervention started, SNHR issued 10 different reports that discussed the targeting of civilian targets on regions controlled by the Syrian opposition and ISIL. Those shelling attacks killed, destroyed and displaced Syrians and it amount to war crimes. This specific report discusses the target of medical facilities by the Russian forces.

Fadel Abdul Ghani, head of SNHR says:

“We believe that the Russian regime is trying to send a message to the Syrian community in regions under the control of armed opposition by targeting the medical centers. As if saying that there is no safe haven for you. There is no red line to target; the same method that has been used by the Syrian regime.

We categorically reject the presence of Russia in the political process since it is committing the ugliest crimes by shelling medical centers and killing civilians. USA and Europe must consider Russian as an accomplice in crime not a political partner, unless shelling hospitals falls under this category.” Wath full pdf report : http://sn4hr.org/wp-content/pdf/english/27_hospitals_bombed_by_Russian_forces_en.pdf