Statement by Hamid Darwish and Democratic Left Party. More information here about meeting between PUK that supports Left Party/Progressive Party and their alliance with PYD inside Syria.

    Chief of Executive Body of PUK Political Bureau Mala Bakhtiyar and Member of Executive Body of PUK Political Bureau, Hakim Qadir received a delegation of Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria headed by Secretary of Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Western Kurdistan, Hamid Darwish. During a meeting attended by Ahmad Barakat and Ahmad Sleman members of the political bureau of the party, at headquarters of PUK political bureau in Sulaimani, both sides discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations and latest developments in the region in general and in Syria in particular.

 Mala Bakhtiyar said PUK has kept supporting the Kurdish political movements in all four parts of Kurdistan, reiterating support for Syrian Kurds to achieve their legitimate rights. He also briefed them on the emerging political developments in the Middle East in general and in the region in particular referring to the new stage in the struggle of North and Western Kurdistan, stressing that the PUK has always its declared policy which is clear to everyone in terms of supporting the rights of our people in every part of Kurdistan. From this perspective, he referred to Northern Kurdistan and the ongoing dialogue project stating that supporting its success is a patriotic and national duty. In another part of the meeting, Mr.Bakhtiyar talked about the healthy and consistent policy of the PUK in this regard, adding that the PUK had predicted 10 years ago, major changes in the Middle East.

The meeting was also attended by Parween Kaka Hama and Blesa Jabar Farman, members of PUK Leadership Council and the Chief of PUK Relations for Kurdistani Affairs, Mahmoud Haji Salih. Separately, Chief of Executive Body of PUK Political Bureau Mala Bakhtiyar received on Tuesday the senior delegation of Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria led by Muhammad Musa at PUK Political Bureau in Sulaimani. During the meeting, they stressed the need for a united position of all Kurdish parties in Western Kurdistan. Secretary of Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria briefed them on the recent meetings held in France and Switzerland over the situation of Syria. For his part, Mala Bakhtiyar called on all Kurdish political parties in Western Kurdistan to be united and responsibly consider the situation, adding that the interest of Kurdish people should be always above the interest of the political parties.

Source: pukpb.org