PUK Supports PYD & PKK

Wladimir @vvanwilgenburg  PUK politician Salar Mahmud Murad Ali supports PYD interim administration http://hawarnews.com/index.php/2013-02-14-17-53-15/7920-2013-11-16-07-50-08 …still wonder why Darwish joined opposition –

Idrees Mohammed @IdreesMohammd  – PUK official: Barzani’s visit to Amed is commercial and party-related visit. http://www.awene.com/article/2013/11/16/27314 … 

ڕان Gorran @Gorran_Change  PUK leader Wasifa Bani Waisi: ‘Barzani’s visit to Amed is a business trip not a diplomatic one’ #Turkey#Iraq#Kurdistan