PUK split deepens – “Good bye” – PUK

 KT Report: 3.2.2014 – In a joint public statement issued yesterday, two of the main Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leaders, Kosrat Rasul and Barham Salih, announced that they want to hold a party conference as soon as possible and also warned their supporters to be prepared for attempts to rig it.

Their comments appear to be directed against the PUK faction led by Jalal Talabani’s wife Hero Talabani, which controls most of the party finances. Hero Talabani is believed to have backed the decision to delay the PUK conference which the politburo had previously decided should open on Friday 1st February. Kosrat and Salih said that the PUK is going through a difficult power struggle and that they have put forward various proposals to resolve the internal problems which have not been acted upon.