PUK : “NO REFERENDUM!” – Barzani’s stress on referendum deepens crisis

3.6.2013 – KURDPRESS  – The chief of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) political bureau Malla Bakhtiar warned political crisis will deepen in Kurdistan Region if the enclave’s president Massoud Barzani stresses on putting the constitution into referendum.

Addressing a Dohuk ceremony celebrating PUK’s 38th foundation anniversary, Bakhtiar said holding such a referendum without a national accord among the political groups will worsen the crisis. Barzani demanded the constitution of the region should be reformed through a referendum as calls for its reform increased. Some lines, however, believe the parliament should make any such reform.

I call on the region’s president to listen to people and prepare grounds for reforming the constitution through dialogue and national accord, Bakhtiar Said. Meanwhile Barzani deputy Kosrat Rasul said a week ago that no one is allowed to hold referendum before the constitution is sent to the parliament. In a statement on Sunday, Rasul however changed his stance and underlined the importance of national accord in reforming the constitution.