PUK Meeting With PYD 8 July / PUK goes en route PKK

Chief of Executive Body of PUK Political Bureau Mala Bakhtiyar received a senior delegation of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union including Aldar Khalil, Sinam Muhammad, Asia Abdullah and Jaafar Hannan on July 8, 2013 at PUK Political Bureau Headquarters in Sulaimani. During a meeting, the two sides discussed the current situations and the latest developments in Syria and Western Kurdistan.

    The delegates said that Western Kurdistan is currently governed by a civic committee whose members will be re-elected in a general election as an alternative for a legitimate government.    They also assessed the performance of the Syrian opposition parties, stressing that they played their role as Kurds in the Syrian opposition. They said that the Syrian Kurdish parties in Western Kurdistan would take part in Russia and Geneva’s meetings.

    Later, the delegates discussed the miserable situation of citizens due to the effects of closing the borders of Western Kurdistan, in addition to the power cut because of the control of the electric energy sources by Jabhat al-Nusra. For his part, Mala Bakhtiyar shed light on the miserable situation of the current Syrian government, stressing that the Kurdish parties should be ready to cope with any unexpected event and to fulfill the aims of the Kurdish people.  He also stressed on the need to form Kurdish forces to protect the people in Western Kurdistan as whole not only specific parties. In discussing the recent events in Amuda, Mala Bakhtiyar reiterated that these events should not be repeated, saying that use of army or force could not address the problems. He advised that the unity of the Kurdish position would oblige the parties of the Syrian coalition to recognize the democratic rights of Kurdistan. http://www.pukmedia.com/EN/EN_Direje.aspx?Jimare=6022