PUK Central Council supports Najmadin Karim for governor

23/12/2013 – Today, December 23, 2013, PUK Central Council held a meeting in Sulaimani. The meeting was chaired by Adil Murad, Secretary of the Council, and it hosted Kirkuk Governor, Dr. Najmadin Karim.

The meeting featured the discussion of some important aspects as well as making decisions regarding some subjects, but the most important aspect of the meeting was to ask PUK officials to nominate Dr. Najmadin Karim once more for Kirkuk Governor.

Adil Murad, Secretary of the Council, first highlighted Dr. Najmadin`s performance as Kirkuk Governor in the past years. Then, Kirkuk Governor delivered a speech, first describing Kirkuk`s current situations and his projects in Kirkuk during his reign as Kirkuk Governor. Later, members of the council thanked Dr. Najmadin to inform them of President Talabani`s well being and made some decisions regarding Kirkuk and its governor, including supporting Dr. Najmadin Karim`s nomination for Kirkuk Governor again.