Protecting Iraq benefits more important than convincing Kurds: Maliki

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al- Maliki stated his country’s benefits are more important than convincing Kurds and reaching a consensus with them.

19.2.2014 – BasNews – Speaking with al-Qad Press, Maliki stated his opposition to the demands of Kurdistan political lines and leaders has caused their opposition to him. “Some believe I do not call Iraqi people to unity while if it was not for the sake of keeping unity in Iraq I would have accorded with the Kurds over Kirkuk,” Maliki said in the exclusive interview. Some lines asked me to postpone military operation in Anbar as the operation will negatively impaction parliament election but I opposed to them and believe whoever wants to serve his country should do whatever is needed it even if it would mean an election defeat. “If I had accorded with the lines they were with me now,” he concluded.