The Turkish press and the media, within the framework of psychological war, recently almost every day publish news and have debates about our movement. All of the news and discussions are conscious manipulation of the activity of a psychological war. In this context, the expressions used in the news; “the PKK, will withdraw its forces on such a date”, “there are negotiations at such a place,” or even, “some number of groups to lay down arms” are surely false news and have nothing to do with reality.

We, as the executive council of the movement, commented on the talks between our leader and the state and outlined a clear stance.  We have stated that we support our leader, on behalf of the movement and people and to represent our movement in the talks. We have mentioned that in order for the process to develop in an accurate and result oriented way, it is necessary to create opportunities for the Leader Apo to meet and discuss with us, the executive council as well as the components of KCK system.  Although our vision and position is crystal clear, it has been distorted in the media and we reject all the distortions. Apart from the talks with Leader Apo in Imrali, there have been neither in Hewler nor any other place any talks on behalf of our movement has taken place, any news published on the topic are complete lies.

Even though it is delineated to be a function of the Turkish state, while the brutal murder of three women comrades, amongst them one of the founders of our Party, comrade Sakine Cansiz in Paris is not clarified, it is rather strange to find so many news on the talks in Turkish press as if nothing happened in Paris. It is clear that for the process to develop it is important to clarify this incident. Because it has come to light that it is no longer unquestionably an attack of the Turkish state. If the AKP government is sincere, it should primarily explain to us and the community, for what purpose and by whom the incident is carried out.In Western Kurdistan, as a result of the Turkish state`s drive, encouragement and guidance of some of the armed groups attacking Serêkaniyê, there has been clashes for some time. Against this aggressive forces, YPG`s defense performed a heroic resistance and has become a success. However, it is obvious that further progress in these conflicts would not serve the people of Syria and the democracy in Syria. This is completely within the framework of the Turkish colonialist state`s planned attacks and conflicts on the region and in Syria.  At this stage, the conflict should stop on the basis of regional management to transfer to a civilian parliament as soon as possible, instead of conflict between Kurdish and Arab peoples, brotherhood should be developed. The friendship and partnership of the Kurdish and Arab peoples is based on a solid foundation, no opportunity should be given to any powers to create strife and conflict this brotherhood. On this basis, we urge the Kurds and Arabs in Serêkaniyê  to stop with war and conflict, and live in a democratic, equal, free, and a peaceful life together, based on dialogue and peace.

We call on the people of Kurdistan and those in favor of democracy and brotherhood of peoples, to protest the Turkish state`s policy of hostility against Kurdish people and their policy of antagonism between peoples.

We call on, not the gangs, but all the real opposition in Syria including political and military forces, not to enter under the control of the colonial Turkish state and take a stand against dirty ambitions of the Turkish state by developing an independent-willed position.

We respect and appreciate the 83 parliamentarians in the Iraqi Parliament to make a joint statement for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. We express that the will arose within the Iraqi Parliament to be very significant and valuable and such efforts to be developed at a time when the people of Middle East to live in democracy, freedom and peace is needed the most, increased the importance of this significant initiative.